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New Wheel Arrived Non-Functional


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Inmotion V5F arrived, charged up, reset procedure, mobile app loaded and connected, updated things, unplugged, unit audibled "please repair" and restarted -- unit then juttered and groaned and stuttered all while it's just standing there, then audibled again "please repair" and shut down. The diagnostics say the "motor hall is damaged" for both the motor and driver board. I waited 10 years for this and am trying to not to be frustrated. Any suggestions? I purchased new from inmotion us which partners with euco and reached out to support from both to no avail so far.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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1 hour ago, teabucket said:

motor hall is damaged

The hall sensors are needed so the controller knows the motor position. There are 5 wires from the controller through the axle into the motor to the three sensors mounted on a small board.

Could be some bad connectors, broken wires or bad mounting in the motor.

Nothing to be easily fixed, especially not with a brand new wheel!

Stay on getting in contact with your reseller - this wheel needs to be replaced/repaired.

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