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Msx put in a new motherboard but keeps tilting

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On 3/8/2023 at 8:50 PM, meepmeepmayer said:

Maybe it's in transport mode? Not sure if this thread is still up-to-date

Thanks meepmeepmayer for your replay. I visited @Mobilekitehostel in Tarifa Spain and helped him with the board replacement a couple of months ago. But without the desired result.

 I love to provide some additional information to this topic.

The EUC is a Gotway MSX (pro) without a spin button. So the button sequence for transportation mode is not possible with only a power button. 

We where hoping that replacing the board he could ride again. (Replacement was necessary because the old board got fried due seawater…. :facepalm:)


- It does power on and balance,
- Battery packs are still ok.
- But it doesnt go faster then 8km/h
- The headlight flashes
- And the wheel keeps tilting backwards and forwards in a very slow interval.
- The Bluetooth doesn’t show up in the Begode app. The BT-module looks fine and we also tried the old one (the components on the board that was not fried)

I did some research before I signed up to this form. And the only possible cause that I can come up with is that the board is a 100v and the EUC “thinks” it is almost empty with 84v batteries.

However the seller is sure he shipped the right main board.

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