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Is the Gotway Msuper X trolley handle compatible with the RS19?

Vam Monaco

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On 3/7/2023 at 8:47 PM, Vam Monaco said:

I accidentally ordered one of these: and it looks like the clips are the different, but the rest of the hardware looks the same. Is that the case?

I ordered a RS19 trolley handle set on aliexpress and got that. It does fit perfectly but the original RS19 trolley handle is more rigid because of a few extra screws, they also differ in total height. 

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On 3/7/2023 at 2:47 PM, Vam Monaco said:

Msuper X trolley handle compatible with the RS19?


RS19 is slightly wider.

You can distinguish them because the MSX (and MSP) handle has two screws on its grip: 


Whereas RS handles have 4 screws in the handle grip:



(And I think the aluminum sliders are the same...)

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I'm not saying @RagingGrandpa is wrong, as he is knowledgeable about both MSX/MSP and RS 

However, I my own experience, when I ordered a replacement trolley handle kit for the RS (handle, aluminium sliders, screws and plastic brackets) expecting the handle in the bottom picture I got the handle in the top picture which fit about as well as the original within a couple millimeters of margin.

I'm almost certain the handle was a MSX or MSP original, but it most certainly wasn't the one with extra screws in the bottom picture, so I wonder who is mistaken, and I would like to conclusively clarify for the sake of people who come across this in the future as to not spread misinformation... Sadly I threw away my trolley handle this xmas when it broke.

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