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S22 Pro vs. Sherman S

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I'm having a hard time deciding and I would like your input to help me figure it out.

I own (and quite like) the KS 18XL, but I'm starting to outgrow it. I've been hitting tiltback in places, but really, the biggest issue is that my daily commute doesn't have the best of surfaces, so my knees actually hurt from acting as a suspension.

I've looked at my options, and have come down to the two in the topic listing.

S22 Pro

  • +cheaper
  • +more mature, since it's basically the version of the S20 that we would all have liked to have come out at release
  • +lighter, only weighing about 12kg more than my current 18XL
  • +easier to work on
  • -the sliders still aren't ideal, but there is a known fix (replace the KS wheels with better ones)
  • -less range, but should be enough for me

Sherman S

  • +seems better built
  • +trolley handle, while still not ideal, seems better than the S22
  • +suspension design is better
  • -HEAVY - almost double what I am used to
  • -expensive
  • -new wheel, so new issues may not yet be known

Regarding my usage:

  • daily commute, 9km (one way), terrain: roads, sidewalks, bike paths (with tree roots), cobblestones, potholes...
  • rides for fun, maximum of 100km I would say
  • don't need to carry the wheel anywhere
  • I would like whatever I buy to last me a good while, not wanting to replace it anytime soon
  • I can stretch my budget to allow for the Sherman S, but it IS a stretch
  • Europe, so I get a 2 year warranty on either

Thanks in advance for your help

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Both are great. Which one do you want? Usually there's a favorite in your head. Pick that one!

My first (and personal) instinct was "Sherman-S!" because I like range... but for a 9km commute, the S22 might be less cumbersome than that 45kg beast. And it's significantly cheaper. So the S22 seems the sensible choice (just my opinion, don't let me get in the way of "But I kind of want the Sherman-S!" if that is the case.)

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On 3/17/2023 at 4:47 AM, Alton Dillon said:

I have the S22 and the Sherman S, S22 is better if you don't need the speed or range.  9/10 I take out the S22 unless I know I'm going on a 40+ mile group ride.

i suppose S22 Pro version or at least upgraded sliders?

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I didn't want to wait for the 16 inch Veteran, because I don't really want to buy a first batch wheel. For those interested, I went with the S22 and I am enjoying it quite a lot - the suspension is amazing and the speed is plenty for me. I have also done basically a range test and I can do 90km with my riding style (and then a few more in 'limp home' mode, which I also got to test today - that was not fun).

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