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Day 3 of learning to ride


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25 minutes ago, onewheelkoregro said:

So I just got home from work and I'm now able to mount. My legs were kind of sore after I finally got the hang of it but when I wake up tomorrow morning I'm going to be back at it! I think I almost got it! Wish it was easier to upload videos here. Oh and I finally took it out to the street after being able to cross every room in my house

Before long the wheel will become part of your body and soul, and you won't want to go anywhere without it :)

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A house is too small to learn how to ride. Not enough room to correct for imbalance, or to go fast enough. A parking lot would be safer than a street, unless there aren't a lot of cars on that street.

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I remember when I was practicing in the bedroom and hall way. That was around 4 sessions ago and now doing laps round a car park and circling lamp posts. Though I'm still learning.

It's quite cool to remember the achievements made from the bedroom to now :thumbup:

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