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I just bought my first Unicycle Begode T4 2nd batch, and got paranoid reading the EUC fire posts. I live in an apartment which restricts my options of safe storage.

There is a place near me that charges $49/m for a 3x3 mini storage space. I would have to charge it from home, however I would charge it outside with an extension cord. This is best alternative I could think of as opposed to all the ideas about getting a steel box, firesack etc. since the apartment would still smoke and burn.

Does anyone use a storage facility to keep their EUC? I have yet to ask the place, but would these type of facilities reject to park e-vehicles there?

I wish I could keep the euc in a shed or garage, but it is not possible at this time.

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How about finding like a big portable gasoline tank (the old fashion brick shaped kind) and cut the top off. Then use the top as like a base, upside down on the floor, place a wheel stand in the middle, roll the wheel onto it, then put the rest of the tank over.

Or, go less safe route and attach balance leads to the packs. Check voltages every few months. All good, then little risk of fire.

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