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S22 making high pitch sound from controller and BMS qy


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Hi there,

Thanks in advance and I was wondering:

1 - is this high pitch noise coming from the controller normal? It actually sounds louder in the video


2 - the BMS is acting very weird i find.  1st, I understand the left and right batteries are connected in parallel.

a) How can EUC world and KS app always show 3% difference in charge state between BMS1 and 2?

b) in the BMS info section  of the KS app, you can see the min  Voltage of the whole BMS, let's say the app says 3.168 for the lowest cell voltage, if I look at the individual cell voltages, I can find lower voltages like 3.16 and 3.159.  Is this just the app acting up?

Thanks I  advance



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I noticed that my brand new s22 does this when I first turn it on and the lights are in auto light mode it makes the exact same sound. If I turn on the night light and then off the noise goes away. 

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