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Begode Master & for original pads in addition

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20220804_194942.thumb.jpg.90efb10ede489ebc8e03eb8cc1ae161d.jpg20220804_150404.thumb.jpg.34b506c6df923dd875a855130b3620cc.jpgSince I liked Master's original design, I made an extra one myself from EVA foam (from yoga blocks). I first cut out most of the yoga blocks robustly and with a saw. Then I used sandpaper discs for finer processing. But the final finishing is by hand and sandpaper. Since I'm still quite unable to drive due to an injury from falling off an electric scooter 20220803_192156.thumb.jpg.3e75e54c11e5b7c086b7a85689820e33.jpg20220803_192214.jpg.8c4864ea37f7ef35d99c7b27dd4d4594.jpg20220804_150353.jpg.bcbed63409415063f48b1f90c8ec43ce.jpg20220804_150404.jpg.ab9109dffea0b2ca123330421ba8b6aa.jpg20220804_150417.jpg.7e104e1d5378abdbbde92cc0d3cc0e8d.jpg20220804_194937.thumb.jpg.e6b1b43ee745627afeeb78b9791fef30.jpg20220804_212208.jpg.b69b7c3ab83c83d46dcd2d6bb3299a30.jpg20220804_212301.jpg.fe36958e2e98b31244bbc37401cf1336.jpg20220804_212328.jpg.c46c218fb931a24d86e334d98d388fb4.jpg(Due to the injury, I even got a hip joint prosthesis) , I decided to occupy my time in this way :)

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