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  1. Rainu


    Juhuuuu, Helm arrived
  2. Rainu

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    @US69 Thanks! i was lucky and found the Airwheel X8 for free in a swiss online portal. I started with this because a friend told me it would not be a good idea to start with an expensive wheel when i am not shure if i would learn it. But after one day playing around with the Airwheel X8 i was sure that i need something advanced. I was watching tons of youtube videos and my opinion was that the KS-18XL and tne MSX both are very good wheels. Since i live in switzerland with many mountains, the V10 was no option. And because it is prohibited here and some police guys are lacking humor, i want to use my wheel away from crowded people and good roads. Means, i don't need the extra features like the nice lights or sound of the 18XL, but important is, how it works on dirt roads and in the forest. And the XMS 84V 1600Wh is $ 1000.- cheaper than the 18XL After the first day i am shure i made the right decition for me. @caelus thanks for the hint, i will try the modes on the next drive.
  3. Rainu

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    Yes. Its like with a sportscar, you can push to the limits, but you dont need to.. 😀
  4. Rainu

    Gotway Msuper X 1600Wh, first day

    Today was my first day with my MSX 84V. Made 48km with no issues. Sooooo much better and easier to drive as the Airwheel X8 i have proven before. Love it!
  5. Rainu

    Msuper X 100V or 84V

    Oh, thanks!
  6. Rainu

    Msuper X 100V or 84V

    Has anyone made a direct comparison yet?
  7. Very funny. this is the first forum where I meet something like that. I would like to write something to John, but no chance :-(
  8. Rainu

    Buying V5F from Gearbest in Switzerland

    @jojo33 ok, thanks. i sent a message to the gearbest dealer
  9. Rainu

    Buying V5F from Gearbest in Switzerland

    @Smoother Thanks for your help! Yes, i know the rules.. i'm a outlaw :-) Shure i could order the wheel to my second address in Germany, but this is complicated and expensive because in Germany there is a MwSt of 21% plus tax. I am not shure if i can get this back when i cross the border to Switzerland with the wheel. Here in Switzerland MwSt is 8% and free trade with china as i know. At least with aliexpress i never paid more than the 8% MwSt.
  10. Hi all Great forum! All rules are read and clear. I am from Switzerland and thinking to buy a v5f. Now my first question: In the commercial section is user jojo proposing a deal: I liked to order one, but in the shop they do not deliver to Switzerland. Then i tried to send mojo33 a message, but i cant. Maximum messages per day is 0 :-( Any idea what i can do? thanks Rainer