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Other side of the coin is that some people take right off on them.

Couple of people I let try amazed me.

If I was in Stockholm, I’d do lunch with you and then have some euc fun.

Also, if you’ve been bit by the euc bug just looking at them and watching a few vids, it’s likely you would love riding them.

Best of luck

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42 minutes ago, Yazan said:

Thanks for the insight man! I just found a few rental offers, I think I'm gonna start there. As of right now no scooter for me until I get to the bottom of this :-)

Most people who have had scooter, will go to euc later. Just check Wrong Way! video how a guy who rode scooter went to euc.

You can't even compare scooter to euc in honesty. :D It's completely different pev-monster. Also get something bigger - than you really want. (If you wanna ride at 30speed get 40 speed wheel.) As over time you will want more performance. I personally would have been happy with ks16(22mph wheel.) But i would grow out of it really fast. So i got myself 18xl(31mph wheel.) As i ride mostly ~25mph it's the best wheel for me. (Also it's safer to get bigger wheel - it's not good to ride 22/22 speed as you have 0 "safety margin" - fastest way to get cutoff, making you crash. So if you plan riding 20mph, get wheel that can do at least 25mph.. Euc isn't like scooter which can keep going "max" speed all the time. You can overlean the wheel which is going at "max" speed, resulting in cutout - wheel turns off and you kiss ground. (That's why getting bigger wheel (More speed) = safer.)



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