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Chicago - Networking with the region and My power adapter went out :(


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Good Afternoon,

My name is James, I am a prior serviceman who served in the marines. I have relocated and it would be nice to connect with folks riding in the region (i like to zoom down LSD bike path).


Also my power adapter went out and i was seeing if i could network with someone to find a cheaper alternative to acquire a new power adapter to charge my veteran sherman. Any resources or leads regarding acquiring a new charger would be really cool.


I am pretty new at connecting with people and so generally it would be nice to network and talk with some similarly interested folks who have hobbies and a lot of knoweledge regarding EUC's.

Would genuinly appreciate the interaction and further information :)


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Welcome and good luck on finding riding buddies here.

What you need is a 100.8V DC power supply. Then you can splice the old cable onto the new supply. That's probably going to be the cheapest. You could also buy someones old stock charger (many upgrade to a fast charger). I hear Begode/Gotway 100.8V wheels use the same plug. (confirm before buying)

You might want to get one with a decent current because that will determine how fast you're going to charge. If your old felt slow, check out the label and look for the A value on it and get one with a higher value. (Stay below 10A unless you've confirmed that you can charge your wheel faster and that your wires/connectors can take the heat.)

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Hey James!  Welcome to the community.  Chicago has a great and involved EUC community.  The two best ways to connect with the EUC community here are Telegram and Facebook.  Telegram is constantly active (literally messages all day long).  Facebook less so.  There are group rides every Tuesday night and lots of rides on the weekends throughout the riding season.  Groundings (a huge EUC and PEV rally) also takes place here once a year in early summer.

Telegram: Chicago EUC

Telegram: Chicago PEV

Telegram: The Groundings PEV Summer Tour 

Facebook: Chicago EUC

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