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  1. How is the torque on the high speed version? Is it noticeably weaker than the torque version? I currently ride a 16x and don't really want to give up current torque, but am definitely interested in higher speed than I am currently getting. I'm about 215 pounds geared up so keep my 16x to around 27mph just to have headroom. Would love to cruise at 35mph without worrying about cutout if possible!
  2. Marty (from electric unicycle in YouTube) told me he would recommend an MSP to a first timer with no reservations. I was asking for myself at the time. I ended up buying a 16x for a number of reasons, but I have little doubt I would have been fine with the MSP had I gone that way. Just take it slow as you are learning and gear up. I got confident very quickly but was careful to keep my speed slow for the first few weeks even though I was itching to go fast. Wish I had enough dough to buy both wheels!
  3. Yeah... Surprised no one is talking about this. He did say he was riding at a good clip the whole time, but still seems low to me.
  4. Any updates on this being available for 2.3? I am desperate to try this out on my Gear S2!! Thanks for all the work on this. It looks fantastic!
  5. Thanks for the link! That's great. I think I might need to watch that 3 more times to get it all!
  6. For anyone still reading this thread...I found this very helpful article on charging posted by other forum member. Good stuff to know. https://eunicycles.eu/en/module/blocknewsadv/news?id=wszystko-o-bateriach-li-ion-w-monocyklach-elektrycznych
  7. I don't know how others do it, but I purchased a rapid charger from eWheels and it has a setting for 80%/90%/100%. I didn't realize what the setting was for before posting this thread. The charger also has a readout to tell you current voltage of the cells as well as current rate of charge in amps. I expect there are other ways to do partial charges if you don't have the rapid charger. Maybe putting some kind of voltage meter in the loop?
  8. Perfect, thank you. Exactly what I needed to know.
  9. You are a fountain of helpful information! Thank you! I'd love to hear what your impressions are of the CST once you get it. I keep hearing people talk about the "gyro" effect on the 16x. What are they referring to??
  10. Thanks for all the great info! I'm a person of habit, which means that I've been coming home after each ride and just recharging back to 100%. I bought a fast charger, so I don't even think about it. If I'm riding every 1-3 days (again...mostly shorter trips like 3-10 miles) is this fine then? My charger has a setting to only charge to 80% or 90%. Would I be better off just recharging each day to 90% and then doing the occasional 100% charge for balancing?
  11. I'm trying to figure out best practices for charging my 16x. After reading about a number of cutouts below 50% battery as well as potential reduced speed/torque, my intuition is to constantly keep it topped off. My concern is that I might be shortening the battery life if I'm constantly just topping it off after quick errand rides that only take me down to 80% - 90% battery. Is it better to let it get lower before charging in order to establish a better battery memory or preserve the overall life of the battery? Is that even a factor with EUC's? Sorry if this topic was discussed else
  12. Stephen...one last question (hopefully!). I dropped back down to 35 psi which was definitely a more comfortable ride than the 38psi. My tire (CST) lists a range on the side of 35-45psi. Should I be concerned about experimenting below the manufacturer stated 35psi minimum (assuming I'm not hitting rim of course). I wasn't thinking of going too far...likely playing around between 32-35 to see how it feels. I just don't know if I'm risking something by going below the manufacturers listed minimum. Any thoughts? Also, you mentioned you use the "CX tyre." Which one is that? Is that th
  13. I'll have to try the leg straight thing. It kinda makes sense. My feeling is that whenever my legs get a little tired that a wobble is more likely to come on (again in my mind...muscles fighting each other). Makes sense that if you were to straighten your legs that you would be giving your quads a break. Not sure how I feel about having straight legs on the EUC though. Most of my balance and mobility comes from being relaxed in the knees. I guess if people can sit on an EUC though, they can stand too I'll give it a go. One thing that helped me with turning on my EUC was actually
  14. Thank you!!! That is insanely helpful!! Exactly what I needed to know
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