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EUC World - Speec Correction where does it actually apply?

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I've been using speed correction in EUC World for my wheels since a long time back but I'm starting to wonder where it actually applies, for example, the dashboard seems to show wheel reported speed without speed correction applied and alarms seems to trigger off of the same non corrected value.

@Seba where does the speed correction actually apply? Does it work as intended?

Also looking at the tour it seems to show other values and doesn't match log or dashboard, I had a ride yesterday with 71.357kmh max reported speed from wheel (in log) which triggered a 70kmh alert (which would not have been triggered if speed correction was applied) and tour only shows 66.9kmh wheel speed (this does not match my speed correction value and GPS speed was 62.6kmh) at that moment in the tour where alert was triggered, it's a bit confusing!

p.s. statistically from average rides data how much speed correction do you need on the Sherman Max?

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