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Veteran Abrams , Utah, $2,500 (sold)

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After my second wrist fracture in 3 months, my wife says the Abrams has to go. One side panel needs to be replaced (I have it) and the roll cage has been replaced. It has had some rough use, but the batteries are in good order, and everything is working as it should.  It's on the most recent firmware, and I've ridden on pavement, mountain bike trails, and even around the park. It has never cut out, and will haul my 250 lbs well over 50 miles on a charge. I have a 5 amp charger that I replaced the fans that will ship with it. I also will include the original pads (assuming I can find them) and my red Shayne's planet pads.

I have loved this wheel, but I've gotta pay the doctor with something. 




Screenshot_20220616-213442_EUC World.jpg

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3 hours ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Off topic, but hearing "wrist fracture" (ouch!), did you wear good wrist guards? Or is it unrelated to EUCs?

no, I wasn't wearing my wrist guards.  My helmet saved my face, my lazyrolling armor saved me from other damage

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I honestly feel that the price is pretty decent considering I paid $1,000 more for it 2 months ago.  I realize that it's taken some hits, which is why it's discounted so much.  I'm not in too big a hurry to sell it.  I genuinely love this wheel.   The batteries just by themselves to buy new would cost about $1,900.

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