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Begode Master Review


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7 hours ago, Cutiyo said:

Ayyyyyeeee! I appreciate the love and support.

I didn't know that you are Vee. Great video. But since you are, if you don't my asking, between the Master and the Sherman (Max or not, doesn't matter), which of the two would you say was more stable, felt more planted, or closer to giving you full control, while riding at a pace in the neighborhood of 35 mph on a road that is not glass smooth, nor that bad either? Thanks.

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On 6/7/2022 at 9:13 PM, Cutiyo said:

Hands down., Sherman.

I agree. I've ridden the Master and own a Sherman, HOWEVER, the stock tire on the Master adds to that unstable feeling. Changing the tire or shaving the outer nubs on the stock tire improves the ride stability but nothing like the Sherman. :) 

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