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  1. https://youtu.be/NDKabfYWA9k
  2. Given the specs of the "Luffy" and factoring other variables, weight, road conditions, etc., you maybe hard pressed to go relatively faster than that even if it states at a minimum you can go 23mph. I'd first go back into either the Gotway app or EUC World app, find the alarm setting. In the Gotway app, turn off your 1st and 2nd tilt back alarms and scroll down the tilt back speed setting and set it for 37. It may do absolutley nothing in terms of getting you more than 14mph because the wheel is being overpowered by those variables I mentioned above. I hope this help in sheading some light on the matter.
  3. You will have yourself a blast for sure.
  4. @Daley1 we were going 20 mph and even at that speed the 220 lbs rider was losing 30% battery life within 14 miles of riding. After realizing this, we stopped to charge our wheels. We left the charging spot hovering at 80%. We didn't get more than 12 miles down the road before he got a tilt back to slow down. We stopped to check his battery percent because we were shy 17 miles from our halfway point and he was at 39%. 🤯 Now mind you, we were hitting high winds, elevation was roughly 3400+ feet, temperatures were hovering in the 40s, but dipped at times due to rain & clouds and yes, we did hit speeds shy of 30mph. That's why we rely on the radio system so the anchor can radio the wing of our speed.
  5. @Hsiang., I've never ridden a Monster, but talk is they're the luxury wheel of all EUCs and quite the comfort for long rides. Although I opt to squat than sit, I quickly came to the conclusion during this particular ride that there is something to be said about using a seat instead, especially when you blindly hit a bump in the road. "OUCH!" 🤣
  6. @Joker10., then I should have no complaints with frozen toes. Lol
  7. Speaking of which, my riding group and I took a 90 mile ride during 30/40 degree temps with wind gusts about 30 mph., not as cold as the temps you do your short rides of late, but I'm here to tell you with the temps we were dealing with, we noticed anywhere from 15% to 20% decrease in battery life depending on the rider's weight, elevation, wind, speed and of course the current temp. We all were riding KS 18xls with one rider on a KS 16x. We did reference the app to see where our battery level were and found it to be accurate, especially when one of the riders (220 lbs) who had 80% battery life that drained to 39% battery life after about 15 miles of riding. We were shy 17 miles to the half way point. He wound up swapping wheels with a rider (140lbs) who had roughly 50% battery life and they slow crawled (below 12 mph) the 17 miles to the half way point with 5%-8% battery life left on his wheel. The rider (220 lbs) normally averages 60 miles from his wheel, during summer months, but was averaging a good 45 miles if that. Now, I don't know about the cold skewing the percentages, as much as it will zap the crap out of the available volts a battery have. As far as a wheel just cutting off when it gets to zero., truth be told before it gets to that point your wheel will beep to high heaven because you can't ride it faster than 4/5 miles and the tilt back will be so, that you'd hop off. What would be the point, you could walk faster than the wheel will take you. To boot, balancing a wheel that slow is an art in and of itself.
  8. My apologies, I posted a link under "Riding Safety and Protective Gear" and failed to realized when the comments for this conversation popped up in my in-box, I thought they were in response to the video. Again, sorry.
  9. Side note., if you are commenting for the giveaway, the comments need to be made from my YouTube channel. The comments will be grabbed from there and entered into the lottery.
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