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  1. Happy to know there's more riders in the area. We've ridden the W&OD trail many times. Although not the best, it's doable, long and entertaining at times. Also, unlike the NYC crew, we have no particular hangout spot we converge upon and charge and ride. When we schedule a ride, we give a meet location, ride from there and map out charging spots. Prior to my surgery on my ankle, there's no recent group meet-up rides. I was traveling about meeting up with different riders from different locations, just to break the monotony. The DCESK8 group is a better group of riders to ride with., less drama and little less ego trippers. You can find them on Telegram under DCESK8. They basically meet-up almost everyday in Virginia and DC.
  2. Thank you all for the well wish. The surgery went well, but now the hard part starts. The meds wore off and I'll be darned if I take those narcotic meds. Lol
  3. https://youtu.be/0DBEccZ_zLY
  4. Back on the market is my MSP., haven't used it hardly and quite frankly, won't use it. It has 106 miles, no body scratches due to Roll.nz'd bodyguard., some peg scrapes. I can send pic just shoot me a msg at: Cutiyo @Aol.Com Asking $1500. If shipping is being requested, that's an additional cost. If you want the Roll.nz'd bodyguard., that's an additional $50. If you want the seat, never used., that's an additional $50.
  5. Lol., thank you for sharing your thoughts, opinion, comments and compliment. I appreciate you.
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