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  1. Drop me a message in my email address and I'll send them. Cutiyo@Aol.Com
  2. I'm located in the U.S, state of Virginia. If you pay to ship it, I can definitely do that.
  3. Up for sale is a TSG pass helmet, size medium. The color is black w/ white lettering, worn three times and have no scratches nor blemishes. Comes with the original box, two visors and the carrying bag. Asking $250
  4. Sorry for such a late response. With everything that's going on, I more than likely will not be able to commit to the ride. As time gets closer, I'll be in a better position to tell. We were supposed to have an (EUC) season opening that weekend, but wound up canceling due to this virus. Nonetheless, I pencil the date on my calendar., and thanknyou for the invite.
  5. With inexpensive stuff, it's a crap shoot. I'd go out on the limb and try it anyway. You just may be surprised.
  6. https://youtu.be/NDKabfYWA9k
  7. Given the specs of the "Luffy" and factoring other variables, weight, road conditions, etc., you maybe hard pressed to go relatively faster than that even if it states at a minimum you can go 23mph. I'd first go back into either the Gotway app or EUC World app, find the alarm setting. In the Gotway app, turn off your 1st and 2nd tilt back alarms and scroll down the tilt back speed setting and set it for 37. It may do absolutley nothing in terms of getting you more than 14mph because the wheel is being overpowered by those variables I mentioned above. I hope this help in sheading some light on the matter.
  8. You will have yourself a blast for sure.
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