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  1. Thank you for the feedback and support. I really do appreciate it and you. 🤗
  2. Yes, it is. They can reach out to me for pics at: cutiyo@aol.com.
  3. My concern is if you lose your footing, hop off the wheel and crab it in a hurry or when you are going to grab it after folding the trolley and it goes limp. It happened to me that's why I caution people to be careful how they grab it. But when you are not thinking about it and it happens, it's quite a surprise.
  4. Thank you for the compliment. I truly appreciate you. 😊
  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions., I appreciate you. Unfortunately when I broached the subject with Jason of eWheels to put me in his lineup to test out demo wheels, he flat out shot me down. His reasoning was the DMV area wasn't lucrative for him. Truth be told, my Youtube channel wasn't large enough for him to entertain the notion. Because unicycling is my passion, his refusal to allow me to try out his demo wheels was not going to stop me from reviewing new wheels.. So I decided, if I couldn't get to try free wheels, I'd pay for them. The ones I don't like, I'd sell. So, tha
  6. You have no idea! Lol Cheap, sturdy.., nothing but the truth. 😊
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