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  1. 🤯, can't say that I have and I don't have a nickle In that dime to chime in with those naysayers.
  2. @Marty Backe definately.., that'll be two months from my retirement! Hot Lanta! @Marty Backe retirement bypassed me two years ago. I scratch my head at times wondering why I've not punched that last time card. But I gave myself an ultimatum., my last curtain call will be in 31 years. Well, next year this time will give me that. 🤗 Truth be told, if I lived in an area such as yours with sunny weather, I would've left when the gettin(g) was good. Lol
  3. @Marty Backe definately.., that'll be two months from my retirement! Hot Lanta! 🤗
  4. @meepmeepmayer thank you for your feedback., after posting the video FreeMotion notified me about the "cracks" I referenced and explained it away. Also, at 17 psi, the Nik felt a tad bit squirrelly, which led me to believe it was over inflated; however, upon checking the pressure, it was the opposite. Since the Nik is a different animal all together., heavier, thicker and on the high side, I rather err on the side of caution with the PSI. I normally ride in the mid 20s and find my sweet spot and comfort somewhere thereof, but I will take your advise and incrementally bump up the tire pressure of the Nik and see if that'll help. Truth be told, I sort of like the knee drag effect. (Besides, I'm no stranger to the different turning and riding characteristics when dealing with PSI pressure., that's how I shattered my wrist. Trying different PSI levels while riding and carving, I quickly learned, PSI pressures in the 30s does lend itself for some injury prone riding for me. I need more tread on the ground and the more PSI I have, means the less tread I'm being afforded. And yes, with less PSI, there will be some take-aways, and that's putting more effort into doing things like turning and pick-up. Lol.) Now, for the glasses.., you are ABSOLUTELY correct in that my head is the culprit. Lol. I didn't want to go into detail about it, but they don't seat well on my face. There's about a half inch gap above the rim where the shades do not touch my face around the eyebrows. It's almost like they were designed for jutted foreheads. They're nice and am super bummed I couldn't make a go of them. Believe you me, I tried but couldn't take the wind swirling around my eye causing them (eyes) to tear up when riding. Again, thanks for the feedback. @Marty Backe well, hello again. I'm still bummed I could not make it to your side of town to partake in those super awesome tours. I'm plotting and planning on making it out there, but on another note.., my impression of the Nik by far had no negative take aways. I'm super loving that wheel. It's a different beast altogether and quite intimidating. After our first dance, it and I have come to a mutual understanding of one another. It just took spending time together to iron out our differences. Lol
  5. @John Walden I pray my wheel will continue to provide me endless pleasure and that this unfortunate event will be just a blur. Fingers crossed. 🤞
  6. @Marty Backe but of course it's a crap shoot. My wheel was the only one that made it out of the water unscathed. Not every wheel will yield the same results as Wheel Whisperer nor mine, this I know and have preached. I'm just happy Lady Luck was on my side when I slammed into that water. 🤗
  7. @atdlzpae Not only is the KS motherboard on top, the connecting wires are solidly sealed with some type of sealer as well as zip tied. And although the MSX motherboard sits lower and on the side and had no chance of surviving being submerged in two feet of water, the wheel locked causing the rider to have to carry it. Fortunately while we walked the 1.5 miles on the trail to civilization., another rider allowed him to balance his MSX on the foot peg of his KS 18XL, alleviating him of the burden of carrying 52lbs of dead weight. Now, the KS 18XL that did not recovery., we were able to roll it all the way to the train station.
  8. @RockyTop., Yikes., that had to be scary. I had noooo idea how deep the water was when I was thrust forward off of it. All I remember was the wheel felt like it slammed into a brick wall. Not professing to be an avid swimmer, I was scared sh*less because it was late, the river was dirty and i was unaware just how deep it was. Lucky I kept my head arched back and was able to gauge it's depth after losing my flashlight for a brief moment in time.
  9. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love.., you are absolutely correct about being able to water seal the wheels. From my vantage point, and I'm not an electrician nor engineer, but placing rubber seals between the shells plus encasing the motherboard and gunking it with that white puddy like substance they used to seal the batteries might be doable. Again, what do I know...
  10. Thank you for taking time to respond and offering up a suggestion.
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