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Hey guys I need some help here. I had my mini pro stored in the closet for quite some time no longer than a year and when I pulled it out the battery was dead.

I plugged in the charger that I have (it for fit) but it’s not even charging the scooter slightly. I don’t even think it’s making a connection.

I had a Ninebot S for Kids which I sold. I think I may have inadvertently given them the charger for my mini pro and kept the charger for the Ninebot S. But since I don’t have both chargers I have no way of comparing them.

I don’t even know where to start figuring this out. 

1. Could the battery dead even after this short amount of time? I can’t imagine even if the battery wasn’t charged for a year it would die completely.

 2. Could I have the wrong charger and that’s why it’s not powering the scooter? The plug fits into the female on the MiniPro 

3. If I have the wrong charger where do I even go to get a new charger for the MiniPro

I have attached 1 picture of the battery charger the other pix of the battery, plug, etc are in the Google link. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate some direction and help here.

Thanks so much!




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This is just a suspicion, although partially founded on the world of automotive electric vehicles. My S8 has a BMS board soldered to the batteries within. In the EV world, the BMS uses some power as it monitors the pack, even when sitting idle.

My suspicion is that the BMS, even on these smaller devices, will also pull a bit of power. Over time, the batteries will be drained as well as become unbalanced. If the voltage of a cell or cluster of cells drop too low, the charger won't begin the charge sequence.

I was able to restore (somewhat) one of my packs by removing the battery pack and connecting balance leads from an external RC charger, pushing each segment to as close to a normal charge as possible. Many of the cells would not reach proper top-off and more than a few went beyond safe high-voltage levels, causing me to end the charge for that block.

The pack became usable, but at less than half the original range.

A dealer in my area told me that the manufacturer recommends pulling the machines out of storage every three months to top off the battery, implying that they are aware of the constant drain on the battery.

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