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V11 Making Strange Noises at Low Speed


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My V11 just started making the noises heard in the linked video. 

I have 1300km on it. No issues up until now. No major crashes, a few drops but those were 1000km ago.

The noise only seems to occur around 8km/h. Once I get above that it goes away until I slow down to that speed again. 

I don't notice any performance issues. Not sure what is causing this, if it is bearings, motor etc. I can't find anything physically wrong from an inspection of the outside. The only physical issue I note at all is that one of my honeycomb pedals is a bit looser than the other. But this has been the case since I installed them a few hundred KM ago and this noise is very new. It started 3 days ago during a routine commute. 

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. I am hesitant to ride currently until I know what is going on.

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I think if you read this thread the problem is identified and corrected.


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