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Slowly Learning! (UPDATE)


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You are doing great. There is no timetable for learning to ride an EUC. Just keep at it. Have fun and it will get better and better. If you push too hard you won't learn any faster and you'll stop having fun. No point in doing that. Congrats on the progress so far. :clap3:

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On 5/16/2022 at 1:43 PM, Tritzzy said:

make free mounting one of my first real sticking points! 

This is why Kuji Rolls and Wrong Way (Adam) recommend learning to ride using support to mount and launch before learning to free mount. For some starting off with free mounting isn't an issue, but if you learn to ride using support first, especially "wobble turn" (yaw steering) for slow speed, then to free mount, you just need to push the wheel forwards with one foot on, then step on with the other (video of this below). If you've already learned to ride, then you just need to somehow get both feet on the wheel and enough speed to at least "wobble turn". As you accelerate to a bit faster speed, such as 6 to 8 mph in the case of my V8F, a wheel will become stable, and you won't have to focus on balance (within reason). 

Learning to free mount first usually involves one foot glide drills, and is also tiring if you're having to bail and remount every time you lose balance while trying to learn to ride. In Wrong Way's how to ride video, his girlfriend Monokat (Kate), had ridden 60 to 80 km using support to mount and launch before attempting to free mount on a 77 lb Veteran Sherman, which she got on her second attempt, despite being leery of it. This is pretty much how I free mount, just push and step on.


Kuji Roll's video is more instructive. He doesn't mention extending arms is helpful, but the girl he's teaching is doing this, until later in the video where she's going fast enough for the V8 to be stable, where she relaxes her arms and she tilt steers (inner foot down, outer foot up) to maneuver the wheel. You may want to watch the entire video. The girl never free mounts in the video, the goal was to just learn to ride.



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