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Deadly misaligned V11

Finn Bjerke

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Out of the blue my V11 is totally misaligned, only rear end is way off. I love riding and I don't know what to do really. Pix link soon. Inner shell broken perhaps? What can I do? 

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If you have the space and the time, you can disassemble your v11 and look for the problem. 

Disassembling the v11 is annoying, and will take several hours your first time- but it is not something you need to be a master mechanic to accomplish.

If you find a broken piece of plastic, your retailer should be able to sell you a replacement. You may just find something has come unscrewed, and you can fix it yourself. 

I found some loose screws when I disassembled my v11, and where they were threaded into metal, I added thread locker. (note: thread locker dissolves/weakens plastic, so don't use it where screws go into plastic.)

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