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  1. 300 a week would work for me. My wife and I like to walk around on vacation more than go on guided tours, but we can only walk like 10 miles a day, which severely limits what we can see. Man, Tokyo would have been a blast on an EUC and our misguided attempt to see the "Imperial Palace" wouldn't have wasted 4 hours. $300 would have been a steal.
  2. Check these out https://painandcycling.com/engo-hud-ar-glasses Would be more useful to see our limits and speed than it is for a cyclist!
  3. Jason confirmed Chirull’s assessment, shorted or blown mosfets. he’ll send me a new board when they're available, and ill spend a whole day tearing apart my wheel to fix it. Also mentioned this wasn't the first example of this issue that was reported to them.
  4. Hm. When I did that and tried to turn it back on, it made a few popping/tocking sounds. Didn't sound exactly like the 'snap' of an electric arc, but it's also within several layers of plastic. I contacted ewheels. Might disassemble later to look at the board and prove to myself the disconnected wheel spins freely.
  5. while informative, I regret to say I can not "like" your post, Chriull... it's really bad news
  6. This morning I was walking my dog on the v12, We were on a baseball outfield (flat, dry grass. 35°F, ~2°C) and I was throwing away the boy's poop-bag, leaned forward to go, and the wheel "squirted out" behind me. It felt like sort of squeezing a grape between your fingers to shoot it at someone. I thought the grass must have been wet and I lost traction, but it was actually dry. There was no beep, and Mrs. InMotion didn't warn me to "Be Careful" or say anything at all. Darkness Bot disconnected at the same time, and the screen on my v12 was dark. It wasn't a complete cut-out li
  7. Are you on android or iOS? I read that updates are temporarily disabled from iOS devices while inMotion troubleshoots the app. (Some wheels broke while updating from apple devices)
  8. Like atlasP mentioned above, there are a lot of variables— i think another one is “individual rider style” You should experiment with all the different settings, and i think its a great idea to start low. That also helps you deal with the weight of the wheel when acclimating to it , too. InMotion made it easy to change the height! Only takes an allen wrench and 10 minutes tops. An underrated benefit of the adjustable pedals is to allow one to learn your personal preferences for different pedal heights without having to buy multiple wheels or find people with various wheels and
  9. Think about how biased and stupid the news is about subjects where you have some expertise- it's not any better when it tells us about China. It's always interesting to hear people who have lived there share their experiences, but it's tedious as hell to repeat our media narratives back and forth to each other. (That music video is just propaganda about Taiwan.) What is interesting? Seeing life over there first-hand. Look at how beautiful some of the scenery is @Paul A's find. That's a part of why I'd like to see more videos of riding through the city streets. We can get a pretty good loo
  10. If you are paranoid you can learn to open it up and clean/regrease the bearing protector flaps. thats what i did and now i ride in the rain with confidence, knowing ill clean/pack it again at some point in the future when i have “extra time” and “everything else is done”
  11. @Lefterisyou absolutely should do it. Would be funny and scary to discover they have a cert pinned. Unlikely though.
  12. Hey all, First my MTen3 would 'pop' a bit when I rode with one pedal, and make a minor scraping noise. Thanks to the forum opened it up, and found the axle nut was loose, so I tightened it and now there is no play. I also silicone-glued the halves of the shell together to make a seal so water couldn't spray up between them. Now when I ride it I don't feel the 'pop' of the axle/pedal hanger thing anymore, but it makes an even louder scraping noise. Any idea what that is? I'm 200lbs/90kg- am I just too heavy for the wheel? Any common reassembly errors I might have made t
  13. Hey all, Right now I have a mten3, v11, and v12 I'm looking for a wheel that fits in between the mten3 and v11: Light/maneuverable Easier to carry up stairs or put in the trunk of a car trolleying for grocery shopping less likely to tip over on people who I'm teaching to ride. can be used for walking the dog and picking up trash in the hood. can get off grass and back onto a sidewalk ledge easier than the m103 can climb a curb without threatening a cut-out would be a plus. sidewalk riding.
  14. Link us one of your good sliding videos! I watched two so far and now I have to go to bed. Good channel but I wanna see one of these >10' slides! Here's the channel if anyone wants to save a search.
  15. Anyone walk their dog or pick up neighborhood trash on the V10? I think @pico might use a v10 for his acrobatics but I'm not sure. That would seal the deal for me.
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