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V10F Pedal/Footplate not staying up when trolleying...


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I scanned the first few pages of this sub-forum and didn't see this topic addressed. If it has been just point me at the relevant thread.

Until recently my V10F's pedals would stay up when I put them up and trolleyed the wheel around. Now one pedal will open on its own, which is annoying. I checked the tightness of the mounting bolts/axle and everything seems to be tight.

Any suggestions for restoring the friction in the loose pedal so it stays up?

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Solved my problem. I put the V10F on the work bench figuring I'd take it apart and noticed a small silver bolt on the bottom of the hanger [hadn't seen that before!]. Tightening that bolt adds friction to the footplate and problem solved! Sorry for the Doh! moment.  :blink1:

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