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Suspension (S18) verses Non-Suspension (Monster). A detailed analysis of the forces with each.

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I just arrived home from work. The spooky part is that I walked in with suspension on my mind, and then I saw your post! :efefd8a002:

A big while ago, Wrong Way did a feature on a clever suspension set up that was developed for the V10 | V10F. It is pedal suspension add-on that is very V11-ish in operation, but features the S18 style MTB shock.

It did not seem to get the attention it deserved. It looks like it works extremely well for a prototype build. I can imagine that it could perfected for production and adapted into various versions to fit the popular wheels ... 18XL, 16X, Nikola, Monster, MSX - MSP - RS, Abrams, Sherman, etc. I think about $500 USD would be a fair price.

Putting that thing on the big wheel Monster or Abrams would make a very smooth ride. Suspension and a big wheel ... WOW!


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