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  1. Million-To-One Last night I rode the 18XL to my local drug store at 11pm to pick up some supplies. A teenager approached me as I was standing outside with the wheel and putting my purchases in my coat pockets, preparing to leave. He was curious about the wheel and wanted to know where to get one, so we spoke a couple minutes about it. Shortly after the teenager left, a man approached and asked, "Is that a King Song?" EUCs are extremely rare around here in my small town near Indianapolis, so I was surprised that anyone on the street would have an idea what it was, not to mention the
  2. @Tawpie You have my respect for being able to resist the "Buy Now" button this long. But the button does not stop beckoning. How much longer can you hold out? I am weak and get sucked right in.
  3. I am glad to see the V11 out in the cold. I was wondering how well the air suspension seals would hold up to cold temperature. @mrelwood and @Unventor, have either of you had any issues with the suspension due to cold? I have had mine 2 months now and have had it out riding just above freezing (0C to 3C) a few times, and so far have not felt any loss of air since I initially pumped it when it arrived. I went 70 uppers and 150 lowers and have been happy with that.
  4. One Year Later As always ... right-click a link and select 'open in new tab' to keep the story flowing properly! One year ago (3 months after my 1st 16X sighting) a 16X arrived at my door and the adventure began. This year of pandemic craziness and heartache was mixed with the joy of learning a new motor skill (yes ... you can use that both ways ... physically and electrically!) and making new local friends to ride with, and world-wide friends to type like crazy with on this forum. Add in some YouTube ... and we have a wonderful sport - hobby - past time that we can share and teach
  5. I 2nd that. I 2nd this too. Yes, a very real danger! Once you go so far ... there is no turning back without some kind of intervention or therapy. The V11 has a natural ability to turn very tight circles with the C-1488 tire (likely what you have). And the V11 has smooth controllable power delivery which makes small circles easy to control. I will bet that within a couple of months at most, you will be making very tight turns like a boss! Count yourself lucky! Use this as a natural advantage and keep mounting both ways. Most of us ha
  6. Completely fair estimation. I would give the edge to the 16X for off road and the 18XL has an edge for hard surface because it feels a little more stable and secure at speed. And as @Bumblebees said, the 16X is a tad more comfy due to the 3 inch tire so you can run a little lower pressure. I learned on the 16X because I'm a heavier guy and just went for the torque of the smaller wheel diameter. But the 18XL is also well torquey enough. It is too bad we can't take these things for a test ride before we buy. The lucky few that live in an area with a high wheel population can do that.
  7. That's good to know. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  8. Like most of you guys, I've rode an assortment of street and dirt bikes, but more street than dirt for me. I had a CB350 Four cylinder (a rare jewel), a 77 Kawasaki 650, Honda XR250 and NX250, 84 Honda GoldWing 1100 Interstate, and Yamaha FJR1300. But now, a CanAm Ryker, so sign me up as an old man burnout for reasons explained here. However, my 4 wheel transportation is all manual stick shift cars. Recently I bought an automatic V6 Camaro for commuting. But like your truck, the auto tranny did not do right by me. I liked everything else about the car, the looks, the engine, the ergonom
  9. You had me hanging on every word. Congratulations! It is starting to happen for you. And here is some better news for you! From this point it gets easier and easier to make improvement. Your post here seemed so familiar, perhaps because my learning was very similar. I went to a basketball court and had to wait for people to leave, or I would stop as people came around. I was not ready for people to see me struggle ... there was some pride involved. And then when I did get a roll going, the wheel was in charge of where I went went for a while. I sincerely admire your determination. Bu
  10. Same problem condition here. More head room is always welcome! That is good, because standing on a EUC is like standing on a slippery slope .... literally and figuratively. WARNING: It takes a few wheels to get to that point. And, it is hard for an addict to know when enough is enough. Addiction aside, it is good clean fun for adults and children of all ages, from 4 to 104 years! Welcome to the forum and hobby! Judging from your other electric fun, I am sure you will learn this new craziness without too much effort.
  11. And yes, go for a ride! Oh good! You are going for a ride! Enjoy.
  12. I am almost certain it is by design. The pulsing rhythm has a perfect tempo and the fan sounds like a quality one. I firmly believe they just developed an odd way to control the fan. I found it a bit strange at 1st, but it has been wheeling my heavy carcass around just fine. I also agree with your two vendor quotes. I am sure there are other owners of the newer 84V Mten3 that can add credence to this. Where are you?
  13. @Flyman I am inspired and a bit amazed, in awe, and happy for you. How is the V8F riding going? How far along on the flying lessons? I did a good bit of flying myself back in the day. As different as the activities are, I find EUC riding is just about as entertaining and thrilling as flying. @Ubute Are the ankle guards still taking some hits? Hopefully the guards are finding less and less action as you improve.
  14. My new 84V Mten3 does the same exact thing. I think it just the way they chose to run the fan. It has never been a problem and rides just fine. I would not worry about it. Ride it and have a good time. My Monster fan pulses like that too, but it has to get warm 1st.
  15. I had two experiences just like that. After the 1st one I decided to charge it. Then it did that again after the full charge. I turned the wheel off and then back on, and the red light did not come on again. I did not have the app on at this time. I rode it carefully around my home for a few minutes and all seemed to work well, so I went for a long ride. I have had 2 long rides since this happened with no problems. It turned on normally for each ride. It does have me wondering whats happening. When I turn on the app, it asks for an update. But I am an "if it ain't broke ... don't fix it g
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