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  1. @poison I like your attitude. As a fellow big guy, I know we are fighting laws of physics and inertia that are more punishing, but it is still possible and an amazing feeling when your are finally gliding along. It sounds like you've got it going on, and I'm sure you will have it click for you soon also. Keep rolling.
  2. Three of us have planned a ride at 10 AM this Saturday 8-8-2020. One of us is showing the other two what the Monon Trail is all about. Expecting good times. Any other EUC folks showing up would be a bonus. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Midtown+Plaza+Carmel/@39.9753738,-86.1301883,17.3z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x7f033d6152db338f!8m2!3d39.975556!4d-86.1291916 ** the satellite view is not updated
  3. Scottie

    MSuper Pro?

    I have had similar sensations on my MSP. Sometimes when I am going down a mild grade and doing some gentle braking, I feel the braking quit and I get that pedal floating on water feeling, but the wheel continues to balance. I just have to exert more pedal control input to get the usual results. I have a theory that the wheel went from medium mode to soft mode on its own for a bit. That is just a guess. When I am riding along for a while with the body acutely attuned to medium mode and it goes to soft mode, it suddenly feels like wood floating on water. I have learned to just ride it out. But the couple of times was a bit unnerving.
  4. WOW! I am very curious. How old were the two that you taught? Did you get them up and going in one day? Did they have similar skills, such as skateboarding, skiing, surfing, etc.? This is very nice. Tell me more!
  5. Yes ... from Greenfield. I off work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week for the month of August because of the way my vacation time works out recently. I'll PM you.
  6. This is probably the most fun thing about EUC riding for me. We are like 10 year old kids on their bicycles. That is why I am about to order the Mten3 too! I've also got an itch that needs scratched by the V11. I'm kinda' waiting for that one to get some real world reviews and comments on the production models. The YouTube guys have done a great job reviewing the pre-production wheel and got me interested. Every time I hit an unseen bump I think of the V11. Same here. I'm an early riser and love to hop on the wheel before dawn and catch a quick ride around the neighborhood, and nobody even knows I'm there. And yep! EUC riding helps keep us sane in this crazy world of this and that going on.
  7. I agree with @UniMe that videos and visualization get your mind prepped, so that you can visualize the moves and how your body will accomplish them. A couple more exercise suggestions: You mentioned you are doing squats, which is good. Add in holding a partial squat (knees unlocked at about 20 degree bend) and hold it for several minutes at a time. This will be the position you'll be in as you are riding. Many early or learning riders complain of burning thighs because of this necessary stance. As you are doing this, lean forward slightly using your lower back so that your lower back muscles get used to holding position. Basically all this amounts to a slightly crouched position, which is the position we are constantly in to be ready for that unseen bump or pothole. Of course you can stand up and relax a bit on good pavement at your discretion. Another great exercise is to do stair steps slowly. You just need one or two steps available to step up forward and down backwards. This is almost a one leg squat that will build strength, balance and control that will help with the actual mount and dismount while riding. Add in doing the steps slowly sideways. This will add some lateral balance control and strength which will help with the pedal control used to lean and turn the wheel. Speaking for myself (as a 60 year old that was in pretty good shape before riding), my riding improved as much from the EUC muscles getting in shape ... which allowed more precise and positive control, as from the body knowing what to do (muscle memory). The "in shape" or "conditioning" allows for easier, longer, and more pleasant riding. I believe you are on the right track, thinking and asking about this stuff, and with what you are already doing. @UniMe also makes a good point about having an early rewarding experience helped by the body knowing what to do with the visualization practice. Similar statements and ideas can be found around the forum about early satisfaction giving motivation to persist. But only you can judge what kind of exercise and conditioning you need to or should do. If you are already athletic then you can wait until you start riding. If you are an older or perhaps out of shape person, doing the EUC conditioning exercises earlier will help give you that rewarding and satisfying ride earlier. And no exercise goes to waste, unless it causes an injury.
  8. That is probably the way many/most of us are. I've only tried to get one friend of mine to give it a try, because he is very athletic. He stood on it a little and that was enough for him. Once I was flagged down by a guy a bit older than myself to play twenty questions. He was very interested, and said he wanted to try one. I told him you have to be stubborn and half crazy. He said, "that's me". I told him where he could order one. I never saw him again. Maybe he thought about it for a while, maybe not. That was about the closest I've come to seeing another person give it a go or even talk about it. Although, many folks take notice.
  9. That seems to be what happens. We get struck, bitten, smitten, stung, etc. by the EUC form factor. That seems to be the common thread, whether it was a real life sighting, or YouTube, most of us here could not let that go none of us here could let that go! Thanks for making this your 1st post, and welcome to the forum!
  10. The Experiment Yesterday I got to thinking about a thread that is a few months old called ... experiment. It reminded me of the slow tractor races that farmers like to do at the county fairs around the country. I've been pretty good at slow riding the past few months since slow plays right into my wheelhouse. Maybe I'm the best zombie rider around. Anyway it seemed like time to practice this and push the envelope in the slow direction to the extreme, just like suggested in the experiment. So the 16X was the wheel for this due to its instant response and torque. Related thought: The Mten3 is really starting to look interesting for this and other low speed and lightweight practicalities. Maybe someday soon. I spent about thirty minutes doing this with just a few short breaks of mild speed to relax; then back to the work of creeping along as slow as possible like the tractors. While doing the creep riding, it was also a perfect time to try some stop-n-go, which they also talked about in the experiment. I managed to stay stopped several times for a full second and go again. Once I got lucky for a full two second stop, then go again. And like @svenomous below, I threw in some mild backwards attempts and met with the same result. And like him, this is going to be my new area of practice. This practice session also gave lots of mounting practice. I felt some good improvement there. I've been mounting successfully every time for a few months now, but it is not always pretty. They were always functional mounts but can be much improved. Maybe some one leg riding practice/attempts after a few more weeks will bring up the mount quality. The YouTube guys make mounting look so easy and natural, like it is just the first step off for a stroll. I have the easy part down now; the natural part is still pending! As I'm typing this last sentence, the Speedy Feet guy is teasing me with his one leg riding skills on the YouTube video playing on the TV. Okay, I'll call that 'motivation' instead! He seems like a great fellow, or chap as they say. He did not mean to tease me!
  11. I want to second that. Mounting came along a little later for me, many weeks actually. And others here have mentioned that once you get some gratification from riding around a bit, that will encourage you to stick with it and learn the other things. And being able to ride the thing after you mount will make the mounting itself go easier. But, to be free to go anywhere you want, free mounting is a necessary skill to untie you from your training areas. And you can't watch too many videos. Fill your mind with what you need to do and what it should look like. Then work out for yourself what works for your learning pattern and physical abilities. We are all different there.
  12. I have never had a speaker problem. I would like to hear your upcoming recording.
  13. Scottie

    MSuper Pro?

    File the pedals only. That way if it is filed too much, then it is easy to get new pedals for another try.
  14. Inspirations, Observations, and Wonders Early this morning I watched a couple of @Mike Sacristan videos about the new power pads being enjoyed on Mike's Nik+ and Monika's MSP. Then I watched Chooch defying gravity on the S18. That guy gets some incredible air under the wheel! So then I'm all inspired for a ride myself; juiced up more than usual. The weather was particularly nice and this addict had to go out and get a fix or a hit for myself (that's talk from the 60's and 70's man). I usually gear up as a habit from the training days, because a spill or fall was always a distinct possibility and reality for a while in the early months of riding. Nowadays I am rock steady (almost all the time) because the body and legs and feet have learned whats going on and take care of things automatically fairly well now. The nice weather made me want to enjoy, so I went for a nice easy ride without the gear, not much faster than the young me could run back in the day. It was quite a freeing feeling ... just like gliding along on an EUC ... but a little more so! I forced myself to remember to keep the speed down. If something happened, I could basically step off, like most of my crashes have been. It was a fine and a sublime feeling; felt like I could ride a little better being unencumbered. But I would not feel good without the gear for my normal 18 - 20 mph riding. Today was a high public comment day since I was just plodding around the park with lots of people out enjoying the day. A little girl bicycling with her family said, "Hey, that cool! I've seen it before". A middle aged fellow called me over while he was fishing in the stream. He played twenty questions about what that crazy thing under me was. An old lady approaching on the trail said, "That's the way to travel"! Three young adult males playing catch with a Frisbee said something like, "That's cool as hell"! Usually I'm traveling along somewhere away from people, so not so much attention. But today I had to put up with being a Rock Star. We've all had that, or will have it. Such is the life of an EUC rider. While riding around slowly today to moderate the laws of physics while enjoying the gear free feeling, I had that recurring thought. I've often wondered what the feeling of riding was like for other people, mostly in the physics and mechanical aspect. What if I was younger, taller and a bit heavier? Would the wheel feel more like an under powered toy or would it be about the same? The same question glides through the brain about being smaller and lighter. How would the wheel feel then? ... like I was riding some powerful horse that handles me effortlessly? What would it be like to be Chooch effortlessly flying through the air because gravity doesn't notice me as much?! While riding, my thoughts are always telling me "Energy = Mass X Velocity Squared", meaning I would be a big splat on the ground if I didn't do my retired football player roll, while the lighter guys can just brush the dust off and go again. I have to think way back to being a young teenager to remember that feeling of jumping off the roof of the house and stuff! What if I had an EUC back in that day? WOW!
  15. Funny you should mention that. I've also been thinking the mten3 would be a good one to have in the trunk of the car at all times. You know; for emergencies and such. I'm not too much of an early adopter. I am holding back on the V11 until we see how well it does. I know, somebody has to test it. But there are people for that. And at the same time, I think it will be fine. Sometimes I wish I did not see both sides of a story. It just complicates things for me.
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