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  1. Something made me feel like it is my duty to respond to this. You did not mention your age, but your comments sound like something a '30-something' or a '40-something' year old would say (although I am not making any assumptions that you are around that age). I can remember those times as being very much like what you describe. In our youth, most things we get interested in seem to have a magic, sparkle, or mystique about them ... often because we are not able to enjoy or get close to the things we admire or are interested in. Then as we age and do get involved with whatever thing, t
  2. Amen ... to both of these! It a cloudy, breezy and cool day here (47F - 8C) and I would not have went outside usually. But I just rode the 16X around in front of the house for 15 minutes having simple stupid fun and practice. Ran the EUC battery down a little but charged my battery up a little and improved my attitude for the day ... before I head off to work!
  3. Put me down for these things also. I think there is a rough patch of learning that some of us go through where we think we are doing okay and ready for more challenges. Then the world points out that we are not. It is up to us to notice this and back up a little, get some more quiet experience until we are in charge of the wheel, and then slowly add in challenging environments.
  4. You might think these pads are not installed correctly, but they work for my legs that way. Tamed A Monster I was pad resistant ... I had put the Monster away for a few months while I enjoyed it's little brother, the MSP, which I finally put pads on. And as my riding skills improved over those months, I could not help but want to try some more difficult terrain. The pads worked out so well for me on the MSP, really opening up it's abilities. So I thought, "why not circle back to the resting Monster and put some on it". The Monster needed pads just to make it more ride-able, no
  5. Another great post ... I can't get enough of these! I like that you add in nice photos to set the atmosphere. Sounds like your riding is coming along very well for your experience level. This summer you will own the town.
  6. As much as you like the V11, you probably should have a 2nd, just in case. Are you considering selling your V10f or 18L and replacing them with a V11? Or would you just add another V11 to the collection? Personally, I have thought of getting a backup 16X just to make sure I would always have one of those just in case. I consider the V11 to be my champagne wheel, only for special occasions, after I've done something really good and deserve a ride on it! Please keep the 16X, for my sake!
  7. The Negativity Factor ... ... is generally very, very small. Comments that I have heard from the public 99% of the time have to do with amazement, bewilderment, etc. But there are a few "one-percenters" out there that make themself known by going the other way. As noted by @Tazarinho in this post: I just felt some of that "instant dislike". On a daytime ride yesterday, a young male "one-percenter" drove by me on the far side of the street in the same direction I was going as I was riding on a sidewalk along a major neighborhood street. I heard him shout, "Don't fall off tha
  8. That's usually the way it is for an EUC addict!
  9. Keep the adventures coming. Don't leave me hanging!
  10. On one level, I get this. You have to do what you have to do, especially if you are a hedonist! But yeah, if the pedals are too high ... they are too high. If they were lower, at a more normal height, would you still be riding it? As others have said, once you tame the 16X, it is your friend for life! Or many similar things. I only get to ride the V11 when I feel like I deserve it, earned it, or on special occasions. Since I don't deserve it often, I don't get to ride it much. When I 1st get up there and going, I am a little wobbly compared to normal height wheels. But after a
  11. Okay ... well ... WOW! You have had some interesting times! Crashes are an inevitable part of learning. I am glad you are okay after the bruise thing. Has that healed by now? It seems obvious that none of this has reduced your desire to ride, but has you making adjustments and considering further precautions. Keeping a reasonable speed is one of the best things we can do to minimize the damages. My crashes have been low speed events that were uneventful (if that makes any sense)! What has been making me uncomfortable recently is that I am getting comfortable going faster. I am unc
  12. What Took Me So Long? Well, the pads I had sitting around for a few months finally got put on the MSP. The MSP turned out to be the main primary wheel for daytime rides because it is the most capable by a small margin. But occasionally I would have trouble negotiating obstacles that caught me by surprise at low speed due to lack of enough intent/lean. And there were times when I would want to go up a small steep rise and could not quite manage enough pedal force standing on my toes and would nearly stall out at the top. These were the second type of pads I tried on the MSP. I like t
  13. Well, a lot of us think along the same lines. When I 1st started learning to ride, it was on the 16X. That felt like a long negotiation with a Tasmanian Devil that finally befriended me and has taken care of me ever since.
  14. YouTube is one of the greatest things to come along in the digital age ... if you don't mind be a little selective. That was a nice mind game you played on your GF, and I mean that in a good way ... gentle persuasion ... very gentle! I love your writing style; the way you round out a story is a pleasure to read. Looking for lots more words from you!
  15. @Ubute Hopefully all is well with you and the riding. What was your most interesting ride like this past month? And then, 2nd most interesting?
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