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  1. I have to write this before I forget. This non-subject thread is a perfect spot. I just got back from a ride. Near the end of the ride I passed by the local pawn shop. I saw an older gentleman test riding an electric scooter (much like the ones that are laying around all over the world). There was a younger man holding a small child that saw me pass by. He excitedly shouts to the older man on the scooter, "He has (insert slight pause while he searches for the words - 1 second later) an electric unicycle!" That was the 1st time in the year and a half of me being out and about that
  2. This is pretty close to what I need. If I can get it to follow me within arm's reach then I can take a sip and put it back on the little shelf as I ride, and so on. When the drink is empty it can fly off a drop the empty cup in a trash receptacle. So my hands can be empty most of the time! I know that people have those camel back drink bladders with a tube to suck on, but that is still something I would have to carry. I ride to be free and unencumbered.
  3. I am getting so used to riding without anything for my hands to do, that now I do not like holding my drink even when I am enjoying the drink. I just want my hands to be empty again.
  4. He does come out with some magical insights and bits of wisdom! ...
  5. My 1st trip with a wheel I have read the chatter about traveling with a wheel. Until recently, all I have done was put a wheel in the car to take it somewhere for a ride. But a week ago I traveled to a planet somewhere near @ShanesPlanet. I took the 18XL since it is the easiest to handle, with a narrow profile that lays flat on a passenger seat of a car, and looks the most dignified trolleying in and out of a hotel elevator. It performed well hauling me up and down the fairly steep hills in the area. It was nice having something fun to do during the off-time. I rode the wheel day and nig
  6. https://more4motion.com/collections/mini-pro-tires/products/valve-for-mini-pro-tire
  7. Sounds like you are on the well worn path to ........ (fill in this blank ________). The 16X is still a keeper, no matter how many wheels you end up with. Didn't she know this would happen? Seriously though, it may seem crazy to an innocent bystander. Just tell her that a bunch of these are still less expensive than a motorcycle, or a fun car, or a boat, or an airplane, and so on, but just as much fun and soul stirring! This does not sound like me trying to talk you off the ledge. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
  8. No need to be jealous ... you are already way ahead of me for the amount of time/mileage you have invested. This too shall pass. It is just another skill or trick for your body to learn. Once you get it, and soon you will, then people watching you mount will turn into a non-issue. I still do that, and I suspect many of us still take advantage of such a thing when available. But we do it in the name of "efficiency". A sensible idea! Good freemounting is what gives us the true freedom we want. You are doing great. Just keep rolling and you will see more and mo
  9. For some (like me) mounting is/was one of the more difficult things to sort out. For me, I think it was my conditioning ... 240 lb weight and 60 years of age when I started. Fast forward 6 months of almost daily riding and I had a reliable mount (not pretty). 1 year and 3 months of riding finally gave me the "YouTube quality" mount mostly because the legs had gotten strong enough to slowly/smoothly step up rather than have to rush through the movement due to weak legs. From the looks of your video, you will be mounting YouTube style in 2 or 3 months at most. Get off the wheel and wal
  10. You are thinking about a lot of things! The 16X will easily move you around. I am 240 lbs and it handles me effortlessly. And it has a different enough ride feel to complement the 18XL. It is a little slower, but not much. The stability at speed is just a hair less but still good. It is a more playful, maneuverable, fun wheel than the 18XL. The 18XL is the slightly better commuter wheel for it slightly better stability at speed. It is easier to lift and handle while on its side due to the way you can grab the handle and a pedal to lift and place it somewhere. You have no doubt alread
  11. I am also 240 lbs and I go with 33 - 35 psi. I find that is on the soft side for guys our weight. But since I ride it like a gentleman's wheel, it works fine and provides some cushion with good control. When pressure drops into mid 20s psi, the wheel becomes difficult to control, does not turn well, or anything that would cause the tire to want to roll sideways on the rim. When I 1st got it, I went with 40 psi but found that with my gentler riding style it not have to be that hard. The 2.5" thick tire seems more sensitive to having correct pressure whereas the 3" tires allow a lower psi b
  12. However big you feel that your farm is now, very soon it will seem to be half the size ... or smaller ... when you are rolling all over it on your wheel. From your nicely edited video, I imagine it will be just a few very short weeks at most. You are doing great. I agree with your sentiment that @Ubute is a great example of creativity and fortitude. That was a nice thing to share in your post and the video. He serves as an inspiration to me also. And you will too, very soon!
  13. I was immediately thinking along these same lines at the time. But I needed @ShanesPlanet to write it down in a way that only he can.
  14. I was out today just doing my usual solo chill ride. My new wingman wheel prodigy was busy with kids today. We had a lucky time together since he was off work with a minor shoulder injury and I had an unusual super long weekend. That's crazy! He learned all this wheel business with a bum shoulder ... nice to be young. On my chill ride I stopped and sat on the ground under my new favorite shade tree in a small roadside park and caught a nice breeze. I was just sitting there letting time slow down while listening to the traffic roll by with that tune still stuck in my head. I might need the
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