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V10f almost new, San Diego (sold)

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60 miles on it.  I'm the 2nd owner.  It was purchased a year ago.  Couple scratches from first owner learning - otherwise it is emaculate.  I've charged it only 3 times.  It charges to 84.3 volts every time.  Comes with a new Inmotion cover and a Black Crow stand - both new that I bought for it.  Also has the stock charger.


$950 local cash pickup.  $1100 shipped. 


Message me for pics. 


I have too many wheels and I've gotta get rid of one.  I would be kinda sad to see this one go - rides so so smooth!!

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14 hours ago, guacamoleisred said:

I see you have a v8f as well... if youre willing to sell that im interested and in san diego area :).  I need the lighter weight for train commute : / 

Man you are tempting me.  I'm either gonna sell the v8 or the v10.  It's just that the v8 is almost my favorite wheel.  It's so friggen fast from 0mph to 15 mph and so nimble.  I use it for exactly what you're describing - last-mile type commuting.   It's the absolute best wheel for that.  I could $800 cash local pickup for the v8, but man I would be sad to see it go!   I think it has like 450 miles on it. It has a crack it the handle (nicely repaired with tape) and a small tear on the cushion.  It also comes with the inmotion cover and black Crow stand. 

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