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Can anybody tell me which app is best for the begode tesla 2 euc I have been using wheel log but just had a slightly unnerving moment with beeps I don't recognise and it tilting back which it didn't do before and when I tried recalibrate it went all limp and kept beeping for quite a long time,had a look at euc world and there was far too much I didn't understand ie heat settings and voltage settings & I can't seem to get the begode app on my Samsung galaxy note 3 & guessing my phone is too old,can someone help me please?

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EUC World. No contest! Folks can help with setup, and there is a manual somewhere floating around this forum. If you get in a pinch, the author is @Seba. He's active here and is very good at responding to questions.

But—with your wheel acting all strange like it is, I think perhaps you're needing assistance discovering what might be amiss rather than how to use the app?

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