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IPS122: app and speed


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10 hours ago, Jurgen said:

you'll need to install the IaIPS app (the xima is for the Lhotz model)

Do you mean the IamIPS app? The icon looks like a bit like a "C" shaped magnet?

I got that one and it hasn't helped. It wants me to connect to the device, but shows a list of disks that it can't connect to... Like my Apple. 

Maybe I'm still on the wrong app...

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On 8-2-2016 at 7:17 AM, Wabisabilover said:

Scratch that. 

it took me a second to get it to connect, but I hit it! It took a lot of button mashing and refreshing a few times, but I got there. 

Thanks for the help!

you're welcome

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