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Seated oscillations in hard mode: still no fix?

Nick McCutcheon

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Even on the latest firmware, I'm still getting seated oscillations above 40mph. I noticed this the moment I tried it upon receiving my first (ewheels) batch Sherman, and I was hoping this would get fixed with the 1.0.58 update, but it would appear not. I'm surprised this hasn't been addressed yet, but maybe there's just too few high speed seated riders to make this issue known. Has anyone else noticed this? I've been stuck in medium mode all this time since I sit so often, but I love how hard mode feels when standing.

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I thought it was just me! - meaning with my weight, height and seat combination (stock seat).

It's kind of annoying and although not dangerous, it clearly distracts from the seated cruising experience.

Same here then. I prefer medium mode for this reason and because I don't think the hard mode is particularly stable anyway, since it has some give and "rebound", or rubber band effect that can be felt in the pedals when standing.

I'm comparing with a 16X hard mode which is just stable, with no perceivable give, no rebound and just feels like standing on a flat surface.

Medium mode is more stable IMO and I got used to the dip during accelerations and breaking, which make the pedal dipping in turns less jarring.

I'm using hard mode for technical off-road tho to keep the pedals more leveled, and where this instability is not noticable.

But yeah, seated oscillations: can confirm.

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I got a chance to ride the commander HS today, and it exhibits the exact same behavior. It starts to oscillate slightly (even while standing) above 40mph, and it gets more sketchy as you go faster. I don't get any weirdness standing on the Sherman, so at least the FW is a little better optimized by Veteran ;) Seated riding is possible above 40mph but you have to shift quite a bit of your weight off of the seat to control the oscillations, just like the Sherman. This happens both in hard and medium mode. The beeps start at 48.6mph on this wheel though which is insane! That's the speed I usually try not to exceed on my Sherman. Maybe this info will allow me to push it a bit more, in combination with the new safety margin feature in EUC world which will let me ditch the older 3-step speed alarms.. 🤔

If only GW could resolve the sketchiness at top speed I would be itching to get one :efef36327c: The beeper seems to be actually useful on this wheel, whereas on the Sherman you can go probably 5-6mph+ ahead of when it starts beeping. The commander has a lift speed of 106kmh (in the Begode app), possibly the fastest wheel aside from the master? I believe the MPro reaches about 104, and Shermans with the latest FW seem to get from 100-103. Or maybe they've simply bumped up the "speedometer multiplier" a bit for this wheel, lol.

This oscillation seems to be an issue with ultra high capacity (read: extra heavy) HS wheels, 18" in particular. I wonder if the EX.N is similar, or if it doesn't weigh enough to be fighting the firmware? I haven't had enough time with one on open roads to check the top end behavior unfortunately. The monster pro had this issue when it came out, but they mostly resolved it with a firmware update. I wonder if the same could be done here given enough public attention.. I suppose we'll see when the commander HS owners start to receive their orders, and if Veteran ever addresses this.

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On the Commander HS maybe one of the firmware options which can be flashed would be more to your liking?

I personally don't like the pedal feel on most Gotway wheels, many of them don't seem stable to me and I found the rubber band effect, or let's call it what it is oscillations from road irregularities to be annoying and distracting from feeling the road surface is it is. There are exceptions like some EX.N firmware I tried recently on a black motherboard. There, the medium mode was decent (not tested high speeds tho).

It's probably due to growing as rider on a V10F then 16X, both of are entirely unaffected by turns/bumps pedal dipping and have stable pedals, but I personally have no tolerance to pedal oscillations, it's a non-negotiable.

Pedal feel is a great contributor of riding enjoyment! There's something about feeling this connection between the tire and the road accurately. At least on non-suspension wheels 😄

Regarding speeds, are you comparing after GPS calibration & correction?

Side note on safety margin: I would personally not rely on it as alternative safety mechanism. At least on Sherman it has not proven itself.

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I'm just using wheel speeds, which I know are objectively untrue and inflated but I use them because anyone else would be able to reproduce issues at certain speeds without having to dial in corrections on their own. A lot of riders I've seen still don't correct for GPS speed. Plus, monkey brain like high number :P lol.

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