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For Sale used TG T3 unicycle, Pennsylvania, USA $200


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Here is the Craigslist posting if you want to see that:


Here is the text of my posting:

For Sale: My used Electric Unicycle by TeamGee ( www.teamgee.com ) Model TG-T3. The electric unicycle is similar to a self-balancing scooter/hoverboard or a segway, but it has only one wheel. Here is a video (from a company I'm not involved with!)

I bought it as my starting/training model, and moved on to something faster. It comes with protective foam padding/tape installed, a trolley handle (to push it while walking) installed, charger with US plug, training strap, and instructions. It has the bumps and scrapes of me falling, but runs great, is lots of fun, and charges well. Specs: Wheel: 14 " inflatable, Max speed 18 kph/ 11 mph, range 15-18 km per charge (depending on hills/weight), battery 132 Wh, max load 120 kg. Ride carefully and with safety gear. Charge battery carefully. Buyer assumes all responsibility


Images of my EU below,


Please message me through the forum or craigslist posting if interested. I trained on this guy and it works well as a beginner EU! 











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Yes, @Colestien, that is exactly what it is: a starter wheel! I can't imagine it being the be all end all for anyone except a child or someone who only rides indoors or perhaps short distance trips on a small college campus. I just hope that offering my TG-T3 at less than I bought it lets someone else get a start in this hobby for less than retail! I had to move on to the Gotway because of that nagging need for speed! All the best to you and A!

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Starter wheel indeed, but like my first wheel first owner, starter wheel was just perfect for him. When I bought the wheel, it was like brand new and seller told me that couldn't learn to handle it. If someone just doesn't have what it take, basic ability for balance, UC will be just a huge disappointment. Maybe 5% of all are able to ride these, so it's just wise to start with a cheap one - unless You're like 100kg or so. Some 40kg child can ride these like 15k, them this might be just fine for long term daily use too.

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