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  1. I seriously considered to switch from Lhotz to Zero due to the amount of stairs appeared to my way (commuting) but I found another path and cant really consider that change any more. In zero there is very limited room for more grooved tire and/or studs, in Lhotz there in plenty of room to install even bigger studs than BG1000. Fatter tire (2,5") makes Lhotz incredible for even trail riding, I really enjoy that when packed snow between bumps like stone even up the path. Zero is more agile and light to carry, but it's hard to handle on the trails. Versatility is the thing keeps me attached with my Lhotz
  2. THA

    About us!-IPS

    I've got fast responses from IPS to the problems/questions I've faced. From KS or GW I got no answers wjat so ever regarding spare parts and after sales, even before purchasing a unit. So whether IPS people is active on this forum or not, they are the most active ones in customer service - which I definitely prefer over posting updates here. As a customer.
  3. THA


    I've Lhotz w/340 wh and with full battery, power on, lifted up from the ground the app showed somewhere around 42-43 km/h just before cut off (shuts down). In summer conditions I run 28 km 22km/h average. After about 22 km I had to slow down to steeper uphills, 15 km/h or so. I was able to speed up (I really had to try hard due to the huge tilt back) to a downhill up to 32 km/h according to GPS, didn't have the app on. But I think You'll get about same results with zero, if You're about same size, I'm only less than 60 kg (130 lbs).
  4. I tried to order Zero for my daughter from Tony, he never actually answered to me what means, in practisce "all taxes included" so I decided not to purchase my unit from him. He's not any factory representative, just a seller.
  5. Jees, Tampereen kupeessa asustelen ja Tampereella Herwoodissa jätän auton 0.8-1.3 km päähän TTY:stä, siitä sitten IPS Lhotzilla yliopistolle. Samainen EUC palvelee koiran lenkityksessä ja nippa nappa pärjää göötti-nartun maksimille eli yhtä soittoa piippausta tulee kun dogi painaa 27 km/h GPS:ään. Talvella koklasin kiitos mm. EUC Extreme jopa planeettavaihteistoa ja 9bot, tän foorumin kommenttien pohjalta 340 Wh Lhotzin electrosport.de:stä hommasin eikä ole tarvinnut katua. Tyttärelle tuli se teknikmagasinetin rebrändäämä IPS Zero ja sitä tekisi mieli enempi kanniskella, mutta Lhotz on todella ROCK myös poluosuuksilla hurtan kanssa, hauskaa! Siihen mahtuu nastatkin ilman mitään ongelmia, toisin kuin geneeriseen jolla talven aloitin. Lhotzilla meni yli -30C keleissä 1.2 km työmatka talvella Itä-Suomessa neljään kertaan, ongelma oli menomatkan sikajyrkkä ylämäki lopussa. Lämmittyään järkytyksestä paluu meni ok, mutten tahtonut pöpperölumeen puolitehoilla painaa enää kolmatta päivää. Geneerisellä 174 Wh pääsi töihin, ei enää takaisin kunnolla, kun -15C mittarissa - jolloin Lhotzilla pääsi hyvin jo 15km (jaappanilaiset kennot akussa). Nyt kesällä päässyt 28 km yli 20 km/h keskarilla ja 32 km kun käyttö oli vain koiran kanssa. Mettäpolkuja tullut ajeltua myös. Laitetta purkanut muutamaan kertaan, ei kuraa koteloiden välissä, pilkkuja merkkinä pisaroista kyllä. Elektroniikka on onneksi erikseen koteloitu. Yliopistolla ajelen luentosaleihin ym. isommat käytävät, labroissa kannan. Raksan puolelle joku opiskelija kulkee geneerisellä, en ole tavannut. Muita en ole nähnyt. Todella kiva olisi joskus kokoontua ja pidemmältäkin porukkaa nähdä, aika outoja ovat täällä päin ainakin. Kun oppilaita tapaa, niin tytöt katsovat koiraa, pojat vain EUCoa. Ja kysymyksiä piisaa. Olenko muka ainoa???
  6. I did purchase my Lhotz on the early days of January and can't complain. The only thing is that it's heavy for a only 4x weight rider to jump over roots or curbs, maybe Zero would be better even though it has only 14x2.125 tire. But the 2.5" is superior! I feel it hard to switch fort and back still after half a year, but I like the pedal mechanism, it's so easy to leave it lean to some tree, ready to go. And I already got 27 km single charge, still wasn't empty but started to continuously beep and harsh tilt back already at around 12-15 kph, annoying!
  7. After reading this thread my coclusion is: nothing to worry about. Thanks @SlowMo Snow gets everywhere and if it wont entry somewhere when it melts, sealing is proper enough. My Lhots gets sometimes almost stuck because the snow packs between shell and tire, need to knock on a little to let some snow fall out. After melting down and drying, no residue of water drops found between inner and outer shells. Power button is in the area not so shielded. So based on these and pics of Zero I trust it, unless someone has experience about both and can tell me that Zero isn't as good as Lhotz... By the way, we still have snow here, country side, in south just minimally. Only 1/4-1/3 of year snow on the streets here. It's a bit different than @EUC Extreme - in the arctic circle
  8. Isn't KS14 quite heavy, 12,5kg? IPS Zero even w/340Wh is over 2kg less so we have actually decided that we go for that if it feels good (just need to get apportunity to test).
  9. Yep, the only connector/connection in sight that has 60V in the charger port, so need to connect extra 16 cells in parallel with the original cells, which are really some high quality ones. In comparison with the generic one, Lhotz voltage drops signicantly less with temperature (already without load). Here in the forum some people have criticized IPS regenerative braking, but my experience is all positive. Battery really charges on downhill slopes, from flat 10% to next flat 20% happened several times. Maybe these Lhotz/Zero japanese batteries are just better or this works best only on relatively small % range.
  10. Some update to previous notes follows... I have now at least 130k on my Lhotz (Spotrs tracker recorded km's, app. 50km yet on device...). For last few weeks I've used my wheel almost daily, mainly for walking our dog on leash. Dog loves my EUC, so excited every time I mention "shall we go out with EUC" because she knows she can run as much and as fast she likes Our normal run is from 4.4km to 5.7km, including a small narrow snowy trail section in woods. Weathers has been light snowing max, temperatures from -5C to +2C. Some snow, 10-20cm all over makes testing pleasurable and safe, because falling down doesn't hurt (soft slides, some minor bruses tops) . Max speed from 20 to 25 kph acc. to GPS, 22 to 27 acc. to Xima app, average speed from 9.7kph to 16kph acc. to sports tracker. Battery has lasted 3 runs, every time! Sometimes on third run, when we choose a run that leads the steep uphill at the end of the run, wheel tilts back harsh on the clime and battery shows 0%. Top speed less than 10kph (but more than 5-6kph). After reaching the flat battery recovers to 4-10% and wheel allows at least 15kph without tilt back, last 400-500m is OK even when battery shows only 2% at home. Once I managed to crawl home at 0%, took the wheel indoors and after 20min warmimg up battery was at 9%. As lifted up at 0% got 33,x kph on app. I don't know if this wheel runs 30kph under 40% battery, since when accelerating fast to around 20kph draws % under 40, wheel starts to flash lights and beep, so I put my phone away on that point. Accelerating futher in plausible, but hard since the wheel tries to prevent that by tilting back. I've managed to accelerate to app. 25kph (real speed), still no cut-off. Steep uphill and fast accelerations cause the same phenomenon of course, but 15-20kph travel speed to 9% battery is ok for me. And even though wheel beeps constantly at low %, no cut-off and I've tried hard! I managed to get about 32kph on downhill, constant beep but no cut-off there either. I'm pretty confident now, I think any BMS on other cut-off induced fall down is impossible...
  11. @Jurgen would be great to see video of both - I've ended up to a conclusion that wide air space tire plays the main role in vertical flex since only thing I was able to see flex under 110kg friend was the tire. But pedals softnes is disturbing.
  12. @Ben Kaplan I have Lhotz (191/181) 340Wh. I can't compare to KS since 16" still isn't avalilable. But that 2,5" tire makes a huge difference, especially because there is room to install even a bit bigger tire. Tire makes the wheel feel like is has some modest suspension.
  13. 340Wh would probably cover 4x X3 - or in ninebot wolrd 320Wh (lower voltage system). IPS is at least well designed and built, I've been riding it in deep snow, loose snow, watery snow, no problem since the casing works so well. But if You sink it, it probably dies like any EUC. 9b1 is a little overpriced but on the other hand, service/retailer network pros 9b1. I tried C+ and it felt slow, same speed with generic felt a lot faster... but even 27 kph (app. 17mph) doesn't feel fast over Lhotz since it's so stable -> don't settle any 20 kph machine, if it's high quality wheel You will hunger for 20+kph travelling speed on the very first day already and 20 kph max. wheels start to beep/tilt back already at 15-17kph.
  14. I dont think the pedals flex, my 110kg friend stepped on the wheel and jumped a little, the only thing flexing was the thick tire. @Jaumebyn, there must be something wrong with Your wheel if You can drop of on acc. or braking - it's just not possible, forces are so well balanced. Even covered in snow (pedals very slippery) that didn't happen (Your legs just drops of sideways). So if 350+ has two modes and same hardware, Zero has modes but different bluetooth module, what needs to be done to get harder mode for Lhotz? Who did You talk with @Paddylaz?
  15. THA


    Yeah, Airwheels rev up as generic, so quick, and then cut off. Lhotz has obviously restricted acceleration loaded or not, so there is something like 2 seconds to get back to ground before it reaches it's max revs (which becomes from voltage, subracted by factors from resistance/number of pairs/armature current) which means that controller restricts to armature current max. gradient. So if Your speed is 50% of max. when airborne, You'll probably have something like 1s flight time and exceeding that ends up to cut off. But I think less power is safer, since near the limit there is quite a lot angular momentum to settle when landing.
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