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KS 14S (840WH/800W) $550 shipped [USA - South Carolina] Extras included

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For sale is my KingSong 14S "Moe" with the 800W motor and 840WH battery. It only has around 277 miles on it. I have loved owning this wheel. It's super nimble and so easy to toss around. Has great acceleration and can handle any hill. I live in an extremely hilly area and it has never had a problem.

Included Extras:

- Larger KS pedals (currently on the wheel, original pedals will be included in box)

- Roll.nz bodyguard: keeps the wheel in great shape

- EUC Army wheel stand

- eWheels Rapid Charger: up to 5A fast charging and ability to control charge cutoff


Sad to see my wheel go but I'm getting married right out of college and there are other higher priorities for my finances. Shoot me an offer if you're interested.

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Oh, I guess you can’t pm me till you get another “like” or two.

I looked up 14 d on e- wheels. I see now the changes between the d and the s. 
so did you buy it new or used ?


P.S. I’m charged with getting a wheel for an Amish guy’s grandkids. Since wheel availability is tough right now, I thought this might be suitable and a decent deal.

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