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  1. Just keep that camera really close to the ground and everything looks fast
  2. My goodness, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. Definitely sounds like something is up with the tire itself.
  3. Review left! Thank you again so much @Seba, I really appreciate EUC World and what you do for the community. I just need to figure out why Android keeps killing the app even when you have a foreground service running.
  4. V12 will not have suspension.
  5. I'm also upgrading from 16s but I'm waiting to see the V12 which might be a leap past either of the comparable KS wheels.
  6. I think I have both of those configured properly.
  7. It seems my phone is lately having trouble maintaining connection to my wheel. When the phone screen is turned off the app will occasionally lose the connection to the wheel causing my tours to get cut up into parts or to lose wheel telemetry from part of the tour. Anything I should check on to make sure I haven't misconfigured something?
  8. IMO it's vaporware until there's a prototype. Even at that point, it's not smooth sailing to production. Everyone's debating how it will sell, I'm not yet convinced it makes it to market.
  9. The problems with swappable batteries are exactly why they don't have them on laptops and phones any more. Specifically: People don't actually swap them very frequently because batteries of that size are expensive so most people don't even own more than one The extra parts needed to make them swappable add weight, volume, and parts that can fail
  10. I'd say just ease into it and the more you get used to it the less anxious you will be. Otherwise, there's always Xanax.
  11. Where in Oregon are you? (Nevermind, read the other postings, near Salem)
  12. You're going to ride right past my college! (Harvey Mudd in Claremont)
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