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Cheap Heads-up Display


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On 6/23/2021 at 7:50 PM, MetricUSA said:

If finally got it all together...pebble on GoPro mount... didn't have much flat surface to use stickon mount, I just drilled a hole in helmet for a 'camera' mount...Β 

I literally couldn't have the watch any closer or inside helmet, I would not be able to read it...

I bought original pebble, sadly the battery only last a day 😩 needs changed every night, and you can not charge and use watch at the same time...so 'solar' charging is out of the question...



Good idea. However, I didn't like more weight on my head I did an alternative and simply installed on my glove with velcroScreenshot_20220201-074058.thumb.png.2824b110fa59b7749857b341f2d30074.png... As pictured thank me laterπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ†



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Well damn it, my Pebble watch fucking died... Damn cheap ass batteries on the market...

Here is my latest heads up devices...

I Velcro to my arm... And have an usd cord running to a battery bank in my pocket...

They both only use 0.01 amps at 5 volts... First one only gives speed (or distance) and direction, the second one which is twice as big, has time, distance, speed, direction, #of satellites (& altitude, latitude, and longitude)...Β 

Yes I have to use this with the s22 because their display is useless while riding...Β 



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