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  1. From the looks of the damage and in my considered opinion I am no crack expert 😂 but it would appear you must have suffered two small cracks to the thickness of the pedal slowly corded inside and inevitable split from any jump.... The structural regididity are in the veins of the pedal the square sections ..... It's definitely clear you have been jumping or at least left foot off the pedal and pressed into the pedal afterwards..... I think the crack happened at the front and then simply cracked away thereafter....
  2. I want a carbon fiber shell this looks like itl slip or it will be slipping around the body... Also it will keep the heat in when it's coming to summer......
  3. Hi all, I'll get straight to the point recently I have seen my temperature peaking at 62 degrees in the heat and 5v powering the front light the rear lights and the 40degree fan do not have power. I checked the multimeter and no power going through the port. The part damaged is circled in the pic the yellow taped block thing... I think it's the 5v capacitor. I'd appreciate any advice on this and remedy other than buy a new board which I might have to bite the bullet and do.... Heeeeeelp
  4. In my considered opinion slime and tyre weld are for...... use to get home purposes. You can't use both either, they counter act each other. If you intend to use slime use it sparingly. The tyres are not balanced and at high speed (30+) you get speed shakes and drifts. This stuff does work if you have a puncture but best solution will always be patch the inner tube or replace completely. You could go tubeless or even use the inner tube liner to avoid punctures altogether. I am in the process of going tubeless conversion on my M Super
  5. Make sure your board is always secured..... I thought it was MOSFETs then hall sensors, even the motor etc it was the board and shell movement only. Tighten every screw.
  6. .... And what to wear.... Ride fast ride safe Ott is over the top
  7. I don't know if you resolved it but this is similar to me but probably not the same....
  8. Follow the usb wire to the board it's next to the light switch button off 5v outputs on the board sometimes they are reversed but still work.... You can test the 5v usb with a 18650 battery to check it ain't the usb at fault and definitely the board or not being connected.
  9. After I upgraded the trolley handlee I decided to upgrade the lights to brighter versions. To be seen better in the night..... All solar powered and not needing to touch any buttons just leave it to charge and leave it to turn on, simple...
  10. I did this then changed my mind and did this.....
  11. I'm going to try this I wonder if they all wobble like that IV never noticed it but quite concerned by looking at it..... I deal with cars and balancing is crucial whether it's tyres or alloys but that wobble is not a tyre issue it's like a loose bearing or bent rim or something. Anyway don't take my advise just get a replacement and happy wheeling
  12. Marty youre a veteran but let's be realistic it's clearly a problem and needs to be addressed can you imagine if the guy falls due to this 'tolerated wobble'..... What if he not only injures himself but someone else.... At low speeds it wobbles think at high speed 😥..... Chocolate teapot comes to mind. Quality control is essential especially when UK needs to see the reliability and safety factor in legalising EUC
  13. Wow if that's classed as a small tolerable wobble I would hate to see an untollerated wobble regardless I wouldn't ride it ...... I think kingsong should ride it and see how they do be a good blooper to see them fall off and injured at low speed..... Refund immediately in my considered opinion.
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