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(June 21-22) 2021 Amazon Prime day EUC-related deal thread, starting w/ a $24 1080p low-profile "dashcam" pen + a $28 lithium rechargeable portable air pump


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TL;DR: Euc tems for sale at Amazon, ending tomorrow:

1) There's a pen with a camera in it that also record the audio on sale for 24 bucks and it's supposed to be pretty good quality. It might make for an excellent dashcan.

2)There's also a portable bike pump that I've used and it works great and it's on sale for $28. (Look to spend more if you need a pump road bike tires though, I think the 150 psi claim is BS) Links are below. If you see any other deals, consider posting them here.

Full post:

There have been Black Friday threads so why not a Prime day thread? Apparently it's now the second biggest online shopping day of the year. Deals started this morning at 3 a.m., and will end Wednesday morning at 3 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. It probably goes without saying, but you need to have at least a free trial Amazon Prime account to take advantage of the best deals.

Has anyone seen any other good EUC-related stuffs?  Post 'em up!


Here are 2 that I've found:

Hidden Spy Pen - Spy Cameras with Angle Lens, Mini Camera with 1080P - Spy Cam with Loop Recording - for Kids, Baby, Pet Record Camera(Blue Lens)


Despite the cloak and dagger, semi-sleazy descriptive title line, there are lots of ways to use a small videocam, and I think one of the best will be to repurpose this into an exceptionally low-profile. inexpensive dashcam.  

I hate riding along, see something worth sharing and think "Man, I wish I had a video of that!"  No, I haven't personally tried this yet (I ordered it earlier and it's due on Wednesday), but I did a fairly deep dive on the research along with comparisons to similar products and I feel confident this will work out well. In a nutshell it's a 1080p camera with sound that reportedly runs for at least 2 hours on it's internal rechargeable battery, and as you can guess by the title, the camera looks like a pen. I plan to either put it in my shirt pocket when I ride, or unscrew the bottom writing portion and then find or design a decent 3D printed enclosure for either my helmet visor or to mount horizontally near the front and/or rear of my EUC. Video and audio quality is reported to be pretty good especially for the size (unlike a lot of other cheapish cams I looked at) 

The slight downsides are no wifi, and it records in continous 5 minute clips on it's included 32GB card. But at this price I didn't expect Wi-Fi viewing on my smartphone, and stitching together the clips to make one easy to fast forward and rewind reviewable file shouldn't take any more than a few minutes in Virtualdub2 (windows freeware). The clips will be immediately viewable on my smartphone using the included microSD card reader, connected with my OTG dongle. (more convenient then opening my phone's microSD tray). This pen says it has a blue lens cover to help with stealth which I could care less about, but nobody seems to be complaining about the video quality in the reviews. The exact same pen with a less bluish lens cover is buried in my bookmarks somewhere, and I'll get that to upgrade if necessary. Just for fun it's actually supposed to be pretty good writing pen and 5 ink refills are included, lol. 

Normally $32-40, Prime Day pricing is $23.99, free returns.

Fakespot review summary: https://www.fakespot.com/product/hidden-spy-pen-spy-cameras-with-angle-lens-mini-camera-with-1080p-spy-cam-with-loop-recording-for-kids-baby-pet-record-camera-blue-lens

SEDISON Portable Air Compressor Pump: Rechargeable Mini Tire Inflator LCD Display & Emergency LED Light 150 PSI Wireless Electric Air Compressor for Bicycle Motorcycle Tires Ball and Other Inflatables


I got this a couple of weeks ago to help with an unrepairable flat tire on my Mten3 and so far it's been great. It's portable at about a pound and a half and is the size of flashlight, it quickly inflates to the desired air pressure indicated on the backlit LED screen, and has a slim screw-in inflator hose (as opposed to the more familiar bulkier clampdown style) which makes it easy for me to inflate my mten3 without needing to use the extender valve.

I've used this a few times totaling maybe 10 or 15 minutes of run time and it's battery gauge hasn't moved from full. It's fairly quiet and has just enough heft in it's aluminum body casing that someday it might even help encourage an overly enthusiastic dog to remove it's teeth from my leg. Granted that's very much a last-resort option that I would hope to never have to use, just like the pepper spray that is on my key ring, but it's now in an easily accessible side pocket of my ride backpack for flats or determined attacks.

One thing worth noting, a common complaint with these lower-priced inflators is that they may not be able to fully pump up high pressure road bike tires. If I had a road bike, I would probably want to spend more for a more heavy duty pump.

So far this pump has worked great on my mountain bike tire @40psi, and my mten3 @psi. It also topped off the pressure on my Honda Element to 44psi, but that took considerably longer and I have to stop once and let the pump cool down for 10 minutes because the manual recommends not to run the pump for more than about 5 minutes at a time so it doesn't overheat. For my uses: mountain bike, EUCs, and for occasionally topping off my SUV, I like it.

Normally 34.99, there is a 20% off coupon in the listing that may be valid beyond Prime day and it brings the price down to $27.99, free returns. (I've found coupon clipping to be wonky sometimes, YMMV)

Fakespot review summary: https://www.fakespot.com/product/sedison-portable-air-compressor-pump-rechargeable-mini-tire-inflator-lcd-display-emergency-led-light-150-psi-wireless-electric-air-compressor-for-bicycle-motorcycle-tires-ball-and-other-inflatables

(The quality of reviews isn't regarded to be as good as the dashcam, but again I've actually had this pump for a couple of weeks and so far it's even better than expected -- I'll post an update if ever it craps out)


If I had more available cash I might have looked for more top of the line items, but sometimes I just want to find a good bargain regardless.  Anyway when doing the research for these, my criteria was finding things that are inexpensive but not cheap. Things that are not necessarily the very cheapest in price, but instead have a minimun featureset that I am looking for and are reviewed well enough to be worth a try. The pump has practically paid for itself because it help me ride with a compromised tire for about 2 weeks and quickly inflated the newly changed tire on my mten3.  As far as the dascam, if I capture one cool thing I would have otherwise missed on video, or if it helps me out liability-wise somehow, I'll consider both these recent gets a win.  I can do a full reviews in the review section sooner rather than later if requested.

NOTE:  Prices fluctuate hourly on Amazon even during a sale, so don't be surprised if they are different when clicking. View Amazon pricing trends here: https://camelcamelcamel.com/




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  • BecauseFun changed the title to (June 21-22) 2021 Amazon Prime day EUC-related deal thread, starting w/ a $24 1080p low-profile "dashcam" pen + a $28 lithium rechargeable portable air pump

The dashcam pen arrived one day early and I haven't had too long to play with it but my first impression is - this is a really nice little camera. You're supposed to charge it to full before you can use it, and that took 2 hours. I've taken 5 short videos with it and as the reviews said, the video is surprisingly good, especially for a camera of this size. I definitely see it making a great dashcam, along with being a pretty serviceable action cam too. With a little creativity I could mount this just about anywhere. Anyway the price has gone up a few bucks since I bought it yesterday, but it's still on sale for another couple of hours. I'll post some video clips when I find the time.

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