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How to ship / mail a MiniPro (moving from California to Hawaii)

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Hello all.

I'm acting on a life long dream and will be living in Maui (!!). Can't wait. Moving from Marin County in California to Maui in November.

I have a Ninebot S .. converted basically to a MiniPro (with the detachable kneebar). I have upgraded to M4M hybrid tires, and have two batteries (the original 236Wh in addition to a 320Wh battery I bought).

I do not have the original shipping box, although I doubt things would fit in it anyway because of the bigger tires.

So, does anybody have experience in shipping these things from one location to another? Will there be any issue in just packing this into one or two boxes and having FedEx or UPS (or even the USPS) shipping it, knowing there are these relatively large batteries?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Les, I have to say that's got to be a great opportunity! If you're planning to send this through a delivery service, detaching the kneebar and battery, and using more than one box, would reduce the weight and be the best way to avoid damage. You might want to cover the battery terminals, too, so there's minimal risk with shorting out. I had purchased two used units, each shipped in a regular box, packed carefully, with no problem. I think the fact that these have the UL certification for mobility devices makes them safer to ship.

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