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  1. Well, I guess I can answer my own question now that I received the new 310 Wh battery. I easily finished a round of golf with about 24% battery life remaining. And that was without babying the device at all ... not feeling like I had to stay on the cart paths as much as before. The hybrid tires are a must, IMHO, if you're going to use this for golf courses. Now, I have not received my 63V charger yet, so I only topped off my 310 Wh battery using my 59.5 V / 2.0 amp charger. But it LOOKS like I still got the full >5700mAh charge on it, and the app said I got 18.5 miles when it was fully charged. I did not measure the voltage on the battery, though. From what I've been reading in this forum, I had expected to only see the app show it being at around 4800mAh or something like that. So, not sure if indeed I was at 5700mAh like the app said (it actually had 5723mAh at the full charge) or it was the app just "rounding up" when it really was at 80% charge. I'll try to put a volt meter on it next time, but also compare it using the 63V charger once that comes in a few weeks.
  2. I have a Ninebot S that I have added M4M hybrid tires. I take it to the golf course and barely can make 18 holes with it and relatively flat courses, although I usually can make it. But it is surprisingly gets pretty darn close to depleting the battery. Last week, I barely got back to my car with the device beeping at me because I was at 7% battery left. I'm hoping if I swap out the stock battery (236 Wh / 4300mAh) with a MiniPro pre-2018 battery (310 Wh / 5700mAh) that this would now comfortably get me through a round of golf. I have read a few places that I would need to use the bigger charger as well (i.e. the 63V version rather than the 59V version that comes stock with the Ninebot S), but I can get one of those. Has anybody here had expertise in doing exactly this and getting more range? I also understand that the app may not necessarily show the right information, but as long as I get more range, I would be more than happy. Thanks. /LesC
  3. One quick and probably very obvious observation after taking it out to a golf course to try the hybrid tires out for the first time. If you take the Ninebot/Segway out on grass/dirt/gravel, etc., the tires will be filthy. I'm used to taking the unit out with the stock tires and quickly wiping off the tires before throwing it into the trunk of my car. With the hybrid tires, I probably spent a good three minutes per tire to get all the dirt out from all the nooks and crannies. Good thing I have a hard bristle brush and towels in the back of the car (for my golf equipment).
  4. My More4Motion hybrid tires arrived today and I gave myself plenty of time to install them based on what I've been reading. Put three zip ties on, two crow bars and two tire irons, and soaked the tire with olive oil. Man, it was still difficult. I spent a good 45 minutes on it and was getting frustrated.Then, my wife walks in and says "Can I help?". I didn't know the best way to use her, so I told her to just to hold the tire hard and squeeze it while I continued to work around the tire. Well, that second set of hands made all the difference! In less than one minute, we had that tire on (I only had to shimmy the crow bar one more time).So, we tried the other tire. Still used the zip ties and the olive oil. I immediately had her hold onto the tire and squeeze. Man, we got that tire on in less than a minute TOTAL! I hardly even needed to use the crowbar. It popped right into place with her squeezing.SO ... get a second pair of hands! Lesson learned. You won't regret it. I'll play with the fender tomorrow. Looks pretty straight forward. Just need to decide exactly what type of adjustment I want to do with it. I made do what Zero4Z did and make it non-permanent.
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