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  1. Les, I have to say that's got to be a great opportunity! If you're planning to send this through a delivery service, detaching the kneebar and battery, and using more than one box, would reduce the weight and be the best way to avoid damage. You might want to cover the battery terminals, too, so there's minimal risk with shorting out. I had purchased two used units, each shipped in a regular box, packed carefully, with no problem. I think the fact that these have the UL certification for mobility devices makes them safer to ship.
  2. Ok, the generic BMS board arrived and it's installed. It was a hassle getting the power connector off the original (bad) board, and doing the individual connections between cell pairs for the circuit to work, but it's repaired and rolling! The repaired battery charges with the 42v power supply, the display between the foot pads shows the remaining power level, and it's working great! The flashing red lights continue and I did have to open up the "dashboard" to de-solder the speaker so it's not constantly beeping, but it runs for several hours - and miles - on a charge.
  3. Progress is sloow but things are happening. I have the minilite re-assembled after getting a replacement motor, and I used wires with alligator clips to connect enough cells together to make 36 v, connected to the power connectors on the main board. It powers on and straightens itself up, and stays in that position - that is great to see! I can get it to move forward and back short distances, so functionally it's getting there. The point I'm at now, it blinks red lights and beeps, two then three. Looking at the error code references for some of the other mini models this is an indication
  4. OK, a little progress to report. Once those transistors were out, getting the part numbers was easy enough: STP15810, STMicroelectronics power MOSFET. Easy to find and cheap to buy but slow delivery.... They arrived this weekend and I was able to get them soldered in. Again with the meter, they test out OK, and with the one good wheel connected it rotates smoothly, like the other side had all along. Sure would be good to get this powered up to test.... However the next big issue is the battery. I left it on the charger for about two hours and the charger light went from red to green but t
  5. Some further troubleshooting: The good wheel has the same "catch" in its rotation on the bad side; in other words that wheel rotates totally smoothly on the good side of the board, but has that intermittent slowdown when connected to that bad side. I tried re-flowing the solder on the output transistors and the problem remains. It may be that one, or a pair, of output transistors is bad. With two of the three wires (Yellow and Brown) connected to the good wheel it rotates a little more smoothly, and that is the same when connected to the two wires (Yellow and Brown) on the good side, so
  6. also trying to figure out this picture posting thing... Picture of vehicle
  7. Good question. I removed the battery to get at the circuit board and disconnected the three larger connectors for Motor2 (which I'm guessing are for the power) and it turns a little more smoothly but still has an intermittent grinding sound, and it still doesn't really spin freely. The grinding is like if there's sand or grit in a bearing. The wheel on the other side does spin smoothly when the wires are disconnected - when I give it a good spin it does a little over a full rotation spinning on its own. On the side which grinds I see six power transistors, one of the legs on one of t
  8. Last week I found a two-wheeled device in a dumpster which - in total seriousness - looks like it was used as the mall cop patrol vehicle! Getting it cleaned up in the garage and looking it over, it's a Segway ninebot miniLITE, model N4M160. At this point it does nothing - no lights or sounds or movement. There's one flat tire and one wheel that doesn't rotate smoothly. I didn't find a charger or anything, so first things first I'm ordering one. It looks like there's a lot of information here for it and related models so I hope to make some progress and I'll post updates here. Any tro
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