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BeGODe Gotway RS £1500

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ELECTRIC UNICYCLE. Condition is "New". Collection in person only. 


I'm in the fortunate position of acquiring 4 brand new direct from the manufacturer, Gotway Begode RS gen 2

I bought 1 for myself and sold a few and these 4 are available. I'm selling for the best and LOWEST price anywhere online with the advantage of you're buying from a known EUC enthusiast well recognised on the groups and local with no delays tried and tested.

The RS is in my honest opinion, the best electric unicycle on the market for size power weight and aesthetics. It is considered to be the fastest accelerating unicycle to date

The best parts are:

50mph capable wheel
45miles range probably more or less dependent on rider weight and speed
Pixel LEDs.... The best lights by far of any current EUC
Super solid body
Perfect lift sensor handle
Bigger pedals
Best and brightest headlight
100v futureproof
Loudest inbuilt speakers....( Not as bass'y as I would've liked but still perfectly adequate for use and extremely convenient)

Those are the best features of the wheel. Obviously this is for the intermediate to professional rider.... It could be for a beginner that has ridden an EUC before and knows the power this has.... 

Please don't mistake this to be an interior model. It is the higher pedal 2ND GEN RS version not to be mistaken for the newest newest version with the weird and debatable black overheat board.

I will of course help the buyer with every process😊

Cash and collection preferred come and ride with us....

Perfect for summer.

I'm also throwing in the waterproof bearing kit printed by a highly respected member in the community, so the wheel will be virtually bulletproof I can fit this for a fee of £50 or you can attempt it, it's simply a bearing cover. There's a decent video on utube that displays the procedure of doing it. It basically covers the bearings and prevents water ingress damaging those bearings.....


£1500 or very near offer












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Ok .... Update I have only 1 remaining and I'm throwing in a free original gotway brand new seat to sweeten the deal...


Very happy with the quick sales so far people have definitely recognised this wheel as the perfect wheel and probably the best bargain online right now....


Last one up for grabs be quick😁👍

Remember I'm in barnet London UK, delivery can be arranged😎👌




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