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Northern Ireland - Inmotion V11, two months old, powerpads, box, etc

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The wheel is working as it should. Only has 350miles /560km clocked. I have installed the 3D printed bumpers, a custom phone mount, and light protectors from Hulaj Market.

The power pads are on with Velcro so they can be adjusted as needed. I have the box and the pump, spanner, charger, etc that came with it. It has light wear and a few scuffs, but has not taken any hard falls or impacts. I will ship it at buyers expense, but it will be sold as is. I prefer local collection. I have 20 or so photos I can send via email. Wouldn't sell unless I had to. £1800.


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1 hour ago, NB1988 said:

Hello, I would be interested please for pictures and function video! Shipping to Austria no problem? Mfg Nemeth


Translation by DeepL.com

Welcome Nemeth!

Forum language is english - so it's much easier for the poster to do the translation than every reader.

As written by @ozer90 transport is at your expense - if one finds a courier service which transport some 1000Wh of Li ion cells it very likely makes any deal unattractive. But would be interesting if and at which price such transport is offered - if you or @ozer90 inquire this!



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