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My battered old airwheels

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I currently have a q3 and what I think is an x3 or an x5 & am quite new to electric unicycles and my knees are testimony to this,anyway my single wheel airwheels battery has died just as I was getting used to it and after dropping down a curb the other day my q3’s power button has started popping up and powering off of its own accord which means I either faceplant or if I’m very lucky my knees take the majority of the impact,can anybody tell me what’s wrong with my power button and recommend somewhere I can get a battery from and the range is very limited so is there any way to increase the range that doesn’t involve any invasive procedures or too much chance of faceplant cos I have to keep fixing my glasses lol

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unless you can remove the speed limits and you are willing to make major modifications to the case you are not going to resolve the issue of a reasonable top speed say 25km/hr.... Also the 280Whr serves of little. Also the investment on batteries and making a high capacity be far higher than picking up something else.

I would dump it,  give it to some kid...

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