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Monster Axle Repair

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This is my solution to a broken monster axle. Thank you @Bob Eisenman for parting with your broken monster motor. I plan on using a pinch bracket with grub screws in divits for the pedal hangers. This was a fun project, not sure if I will take it any further.

Broken axle. Press fit and seemed to be slightly hard. I could file it, not very well though.



Damaged side plate on the broken axle side.



Finished repair.




New bearing pockets turned and installed. New bearings are NSK 6205VVNR  52mm OD  25mm ID



New 2 pc shaft that fits against the stator bushing shoulder. There is .005 inch clearance between the center pcs so that it will pull hard on the bushing shoulder. Drilled and tapped for 5/16 grade 8 bolt. Threads are on the wire exit side. I drilled the exit hole 11/16, both sides. Plenty of room for wires.




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