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  1. My first wheel is a Monster, and I don't regret starting with it. I am thrilled with it, but it will bite you if you are careless. My ride area is gravel and mowed pasture, and anything less would not have worked for me. Evaluate where and how you are going to ride and base your choice on that. Ride safe!
  2. Looking for riders in the Angola Indiana area for local riding.
  3. My helmet mounted camera project is complete, and so far it is working well. I used a little better display and battery pack, but it still came in around $50. Helmet Cam Pics.docx
  4. http://www.graphmyrun.com/blog/diy-rear-view-bike-camera.html Lets try this again!
  5. Hi all, I have found a rear view camera that you put together for around 30 or 40 dollars, depending on the size display you choose. It was listed on a bicycle forum. I will try to get the link and post it, but here is the info in the doc attached. I have ordered the camera and display but have not gotten them yet. Should be here in three more days. RearCam.docx
  6. Hi Girth Brooks, If this is still available, I would be interested in seeing more pictures. My email is demartinjr@cs.com Regards, Gene
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