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  1. @Toshio Uemura I agree with you. So do a lot of others that are reading along.
  2. Here is a video from back in the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPv0dp5HSmI I have the red jacket and my neighbor is flying the 20 meter Hadron. We both built our paramotors, based on the Skybolt V2 plans that are free on the internet. Get good training!
  3. @Bob Eisenman Perfect, thank you! Bob, is paypal a good way for you? Would you text me at 2606245995 with what you think shipping will be? Thanks, Gene
  4. @Bob Eisenman Hi Bob, I will be 64 in March, and riding aggressively isn't a good idea for me either! I won't ride in the winter. It is getting harder for me to get around and the wheel is a really good way to get back to nature. It is a real life changer. Have you given any more thought to parting with the broken monster motor and what would be a good price? Here is a nice video that I like to watch, lots of things to think about! Best regards, Gene
  5. Just curious about the physical differences between a 100V motor and an 84V motor. Winding wire size? Number of coils? Could you use a 100V motor with an 84 volt control board? What about a 100V control with an 84V motor? I am sure the control boards are voltage specific, but are the motors also?
  6. I can't imagine that journey on foot! Indiana is a lot further west than Pa! Awesome fortitude, maybe just plain stubborn? We like the area. Winters are cold, seems colder every year!
  7. @Bob Eisenman Hi Bob, thanks for the quick reply. I bought my monster from Girth Brooks, and I have had nothing but fun with it! I can't really compare it to any other wheel because it is my first euc. The majority of my riding has been mowed pasture and gravel, so the bigger wheel has been appropriate for me. I will get back in touch in a week or so. I really hadn't thought that you would give it away, and would be interested in what would be a good price? Best Regards, Gene
  8. @Bob Eisenman Nice little ride! Not any snow at all, how long do you think that will last! Do you still have the monster motor with the broken shaft, and would you be willing to part with it? Thanks! Regards, Gene
  9. Oops! I should have said manual impact driver. Here is a link to a complete set on amazon for 15 USD. https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-2905-8-Inch-Manual-7-Piece/dp/B000NPPATS?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAJ2FBRG2HML4LG3BQ&tag=topproreviews-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B000NPPATS I have had pretty good luck with these, though not this one in particular. If there is anything left of the screwdriver slot, one good whack with a hammer usually does the trick. If it saves the hassle of drilling the screw out, the money is well spent.
  10. The seat on the monster is comfy and makes the "tired feet" problem go away.
  11. @sbouju Ya, it works pretty good. If I am inside and point the camera at a sunny window there is a lot of bloom or washout, but for normal riding it isn't a problem. If I am riding on a tree tunnel road there isn't an issue. Maybe going into a dark tunnel from sunlight would cause a problem. I velcro the display to my wrist guard or just slip it into my shirt pocket. Sure beats turning around and seems to be a better view than a mirror.
  12. My first wheel is a Monster, and I don't regret starting with it. I am thrilled with it, but it will bite you if you are careless. My ride area is gravel and mowed pasture, and anything less would not have worked for me. Evaluate where and how you are going to ride and base your choice on that. Ride safe!
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