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how tidying your closet is more dangerous than falling off an EUC

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Believe it or not this is true. Last Saturday I was changing the winter clothes to the summer ones in my closet. While carrying a pile of pants I decided to sit on a chair behind me. I missed! The hit of my tailbone on the floor resulted in such an excruciating pain that, since I was alone at home, I lied on the floor for almost 10 minutes without being able to move. 

The result: i only got back on KS 16x today and and actually it helped reduce the pain. However I can't still sit for a long time anywhere without trying to get up riddled with tons pain on my tailbone.

I'm planning on going around the house, from now on, fully equipped for EUC riding. At least my 3DO shorts hill save me from another painful fall in the whereabouts of my closet.

Somethings really happen to us a very stupid way....

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