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  1. It's already serious 😊😊😊 today I find myself stretching on the couch while watching Netflix... as if I was warning up to go EUC riding... it's getting bad, mate... really bad! 😄😄😄
  2. @ShanesPlanet you're out of your mind!!! Don't forget that at my age, whatever I break now... Never gets fixed again 😂😂😂😂
  3. @Tawpie, what lean angle do dirt/offroad riders put on most of the time?
  4. On the better days and even work the pads once found myself riding with lens further or and for long periods not touching the wheel. It's quite relaxing...
  5. Ive ridden tons of cars for 40 years and I've never liked riding in the rain... It's really my no-no... But I do need to learn how to dismantle a, wheel and fix it. In due time I'll get to it when mine are out of the warranty...
  6. Nope. My wheel is my precious and, for now, I don't know and don't have anyone that knows how to fix it if something goes wrong. My precious doesn't get wet 😂
  7. I've never touched the EUC World default # and I've already scraped both pedals on the asphalt...and on cut-offs. So I'm guessing I'm Ok?
  8. Can someone explain to me how the Lateral Tilt Limit being sett too low affects a cut-out? I have no idea...
  9. Hey mate, if you bumped your head and for the next 48 hours you feel sleepy, drowsy or like throwing up...GO IMMEDIATELY TO A HOSPITAL...you might have a serious head concussion!!! DON NOT IGNORE THESE SYNPTOMS!
  10. Yep, 3 days of heavy rain and no rides. I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms: cold sweats, nightmares with broken wheels, shivers and tremors, etc. I've even joined a RA (riders anonymous) group in my neighborhood. This is getting really tough o endure if the rain keeps pouring down.
  11. I've started doing small bumps about a month ago up curbs (thanks to the V11 confidence that I now don't own) as high as no more than 3", and down curbs no more than 4". And what I noticed on my KS 16X today is that my Psi was down to 32 instead of the usual 35/36 psi I usually ride with. In a few weeks, with all the bumps, ups and downs, the 16x lost 3 psi. One really needs to be checking the tire pressure...
  12. If you ride in an area where there is a lot of traffic and if you ride 90% carving, as I do, you should give it another try, mate. It really improves your security and sense of safety, not having to look over your shoulder constantly or when you want to do a specific maneuver, sometimes as simple as turning left. just my $0.02
  13. Today I had proof of one thing due to having ridden my KS 16x once again for 31kms... and again under the very strong north winds, typical of my region: strong frontal winds cause wobbles, no doubt about that! I had to be extra careful today when the wind was hitting me frontally.
  14. For my weight (fully geared 96kg) I found that 35psi both on the KS 16x and the V11, were just perfect for me. Both are 3" tires and I get a great mix of response, maneuverability and tire grip. I did try 32psi on the 16x and 3rd week learning it was comfortable, eSy to maneuver... But worse o. Cobblestone roads, which are really nasty and irregular in Portugal. In particular in my area's microclimate where these stones get covered with moss. So 35 psi is much better for these tricky roads... in my case.
  15. After reading this extremely interesting debate, and as a rookie with only about 800kms on an EUC, I think that you all have hit the mark: its all relative to the day's physical condition, syrong/weak legs, wheel size, whe making, and even pad type. I for one, with my short experience, and even shorter with the 11, found out that the foot offset on the 18" wheel of the V11 made easier to work with than with the same offset on the KS 16x. Even yesterday, when I I did my 30km tour, for some reason I felt it being more important riding with loose legs aqui from the main body, than with
  16. Oh I move around a lot when the pain kick in. I've even learned to curl down, while riding in almost fetal position a couple of times during the ride just to relieve my back. And I now move my fee inward, outward, palm up heel up...anything to relax the muscles.
  17. I do actually have mine that far forward on the KS 16x due to one physical problem: if I put my feet further back I'll have terrible calf pains less than halfway through my rides. This is the only way to keep my calves painless...
  18. That's more or less my maximum misalignment...
  19. I've ridden with one foot one inch in front of the other on occasion, and it was quite comfortable. But wouldn't dare a bigger distance.
  20. Very, very, very... Nice!!! 👌👌👌👌
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