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  1. Now that the KS and the bodyguard are on the way....YUPIIIEEE!!!... I'm narrowing down protection for "me ol' body". Knee, elbow and hand protection is simple since its practically the same as the ones for rollerblading. However, I'm more worried about my butt!! I currently have lots of waist pain due sciatica (one of the reasons I want to get into this sport...so that I can work the muscles and flex)...so I've been looking at padded trousers for American Football and also a padded jersey... what are your 2 cents on this? Btw, I'm still checking the very important ankle protection. I ass
  2. But I've only been quoting with the quote button. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Haha. That a bit too much for this 61 year old guy. Baby steps is my thing... But thanks anyway, I might do that much later on.
  4. Just downloaded it and it's quite easy to understand. It's even in Portuguese... Thanks a lot 😊
  5. Great advice on the high boots and thick socks. I was thinking about how I'd protect my ankles. The other protective I already have. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I'll do just that. I assume it can be done with an Android app? I have a Huawei mate pro 20... I'm already onto that. Checking out the roll.nz website right now
  7. Shane, that does it. With your message I'm totally pumped up!!! I'm not the hesitating kind of guy. I usually get in a store and in 3 minutes find a pair of jeans and buy them. And to my wife's dismay I buy 3 pairs exactly the same, so that I don't have to bother for some time...and simply just because I like them. In the case of the EUCs, I needed to, in a very short time span, get to know as much as possible before I totally committed to a choice. You ands all the guys here have helped TONS!!! I totally understand your comment on buying something good and not trash, so that one doesn't give
  8. Thanks for the input. No worries about the dealer origin. I'm buying from MyEWheel. They seem to be the most credible distributor of major brands in the EU. And this was something I am particularly keen on, since EUCs aren't that common here in Portugal and I want the assurance that I have good tech support, spare parts, easy DIYs, etc.
  9. Got it, thanks. I'm really not a speedster and don't plan to turn into one :-). So the tilt back is just a safety factory measure. Does it make you fall? I ask because you netion it becomes unridable.
  10. Thanks for the input. I think an 18" wheel would be a too big boot for my foot, both experience and investment wise. Can you give me some clarificatuon, please? I have no idea what " tilt back" speed means in this context od EUCs. Could you below understand? My English is OK but when it gets too technical in some market niches... I get lost. 😁😁😁
  11. Thanks mate. You're my first recommendation for the KS. More and more I'm tending to send MyE Wheels the extra 300€
  12. Shane, I now have a new need from your expertise and the expertise of all the other very kind and more experienced members that have been adding their valuable input to my learning. SO HERE'S THE CHALLENGE O WISE ONES: I talked again today with Sandra at MyEWheel (poor Sandra putting up with my inqusition) and after checking some online reviews and some specs I put to her the question if the Kingsong KS 16X would be a good alternative to the Tesla V3. SO HERE ARE THE PROS AND CONS: IN FAVOR: - they have it for immediate shipping (for the Tesla I have an almost 2 month
  13. I really enjoyed your feedback and the confidence push you gave me. it's great to know someone 11 years older than me who did what I'm starting to do. It's very comforting111 as Einstein said once: when you stop learning yo start dying!!! Knees and hip are some of the physical issues I am more afraid of, but nothing like a good exercise to take away the pain. That and Genkgo Biloba Tea. I just found out about this "dinossaur of teas" and it's keeping the sciatica pain away. That and the EUC might just be my cure!!! Thanks again and please keep in touch. I would like to get more insig
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