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  1. The originals were at their prime at the Woodstock 69 Festival. From there on they degenerated... Like the guppies (tropical fish that ib breed a lot) Anyway, the Gollum is basically how I feel right now with my 1st EUC, the KS 16x, and my over 1000km with it. ... my precious...
  2. Quite! It's hard whdn I don't get my daily fix 😁
  3. Actually I do that every ride. I tell all kids I pass by that if I learned at 61... so can they 😁
  4. Yes its true, but we need to be extra careful. The law is not on our side and fortunately we're so few that for now we're almost unnoticed for now. I have a couple of acquaintances Newby and I'm planning on inviting them to my area since it seems a bit quiet and safe.
  5. My small contribution to this great group... @ShanesPlanet...you gave me the idea...
  6. Yep!, by my math I'm now with around 1.100kms on my legs since January 28, the day I started riding EUC's. The only thing that i need now is to ride with some mates. I have fun riding around my area, finding all the alleys, dead ends and... goats ...but it would be nice to do some tours with friends. I have to work on that.
  7. After walking 5kms and after carrying 100kg of soil bags and planting I don't know how many pot plants...I still craved for my daily ride. And to my joy I found all the office park parking lots....empty and abandoned! And, atop of my regular daily ride...I did them all and more than once. So when EUC World marked a tour of 35kms...I was really happy! Never had done this much before...and with all the forced labor the wife made me do in the morning...
  8. Hi guys, check out these two exotic fans I crossed with on my last ride. Quite enthusiastic ones... https://youtu.be/3WsKAMGdVfU
  9. Yep!!! I got my daily dose today!!! 30km riding under the sun and listening to Jack Johnson and Queen!!! I'm cured!!!!
  10. The damm condo garage where I did my 1st days... IS OFF LIMITS BECAUSE IT'S BEING PAINTED!!! 😄... but hey, the sun showed up today and I'm cured!!! 30kms straight on. At the end the legs were so numb I didn't even feel the pain anymore 😂😂😂😂
  11. It's already serious 😊😊😊 today I find myself stretching on the couch while watching Netflix... as if I was warning up to go EUC riding... it's getting bad, mate... really bad! 😄😄😄
  12. @ShanesPlanet you're out of your mind!!! Don't forget that at my age, whatever I break now... Never gets fixed again 😂😂😂😂
  13. @Tawpie, what lean angle do dirt/offroad riders put on most of the time?
  14. On the better days and even work the pads once found myself riding with lens further or and for long periods not touching the wheel. It's quite relaxing...
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