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Loud gyro noises


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Went for a short and leisure ride on the sherman. Battery was at 80% temp was around 100degrees.  Whe I arrived home, I could hear an odd groaning noise while holding the sheman upright. I could also feel the noise like a slight grind. I KNOW these wheels kind of do this as they maintain balance, but the sherm seemed to be alarmingly noticeable this time. I cycled power, recalibrated and checked my tilt. The noise/feeling weakened to an expected level.

Has anyone noticed this behavior before? Should I worry? I have combed thru the device and nothing is loose and it seems to ride fine. Im just looking for some clarification that this isnt an impending problem that will eventually cost me a broken jaw, a few more missing teeth and a busted collar bone. Tbf, I've noticed my mten has done the same from time to time and its been flawless for riding for many miles.

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1 hour ago, ShanesPlanet said:

I have combed thru the device and nothing is loose

As you know, something loose (axle,motherboard) is a "common" issue. Something obviously loose seems not to be the problem in your case.

I've seen a case of a small crack in the "inside part of the shell"(or somewhere near there - i'm not familiar with the 18Xl) near the pedal mount of an KS18XL which was enough for nasty rattling while braking.

Maybe there is some "hidden" instability too at your Veteran?

Edit: btw when and how is your wheel oddly groaming?

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