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Two identical scooters dosnt have excactly same power question


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We have Two of the same electric scooters, Brand is joyor y8s with 48v and 1000w motor. 
On flat ground the acclerate from zero to top speed that is limited during some rules in the country, top speed 20km. 

On roads that goes a bit up both also go the same, but if we drive in very steep up road where the scooter need to almost climb scooter number 1 goes quicker up the same road as scooter number 2. we had fully charged batteries at same time, and no breaks or anything is holding it back. 
The speed different is maby 3km, 

If number 1 goes in 15km the slower one number Two goes 12km for example, sometimes maby less. 
Both really go good but when it comes to very tall road that goes up it is a small difference on them.


We tried to change scooter to see if it had something to do with the weight on the driver but the difference on the scooters stayed the same. 
Could this be normal, or could the weakest one have some issues?

I really never noticed it before we took them on a trip with many hills, here i live it not that tall roads and it have worked fine until i saw the other was a bit stronger in the tallets hills.

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5 minutes ago, Hotwheel85 said:

Could this be normal, or could the weakest one have some issues?

Cozld be just some a bit weaker cells in the battery of one scooter. Or they already are a bit older/more often charged and so a bit more degraded.

You could also try to swap the chargers and look if the other scooter is a little bit weaker then.

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