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MCM5 tire issue


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After thinking twice, TPS will be a great investment once supported by one of EUC's APP, to not have to deal with multiple apps, and have all on one dashboard.
Will consider it at that moment, to be sure to have the compatible hardware

EUC's APP developers, anyone ?

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On 5/21/2021 at 1:55 AM, Epicurean said:

That straight valve stem really doesn't contact the inside of an MCM5? 

I did have to switch to the bent valve. And the margin is very tight.

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The MCM5 v1  already has issues turning because you can't lean it much without scraping the pedals, that is unless you change the L-columns. That tire is square and will make it much harder to bank the wheel, what little nimbleness it has, has been killed off with tire.

I recently bought a GT16 V2 with a 2.5" which is square and was just awful to lean. It was sluggish, adding to the lower torqure compared to an MCM.   I replaced it with a fully rounded tire and the GT16. The wheel recovered a lot of the manouverability, has a firm solid.  can manouver much better and corner

My guess is that you had that blow out as the pressure was low. I find the MCM inner tubes need pumping every few days.... the oringal CST straight lines tire pattern is not bad actually, doesn't have the pulling on pavement creasons, that other unicycles with diagonal lines on the sides have...

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