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  1. Yeah when I changed the wheel I had to remove a lot of that white junk. Sliced it off with a knife. I need to find a safer way to discharge the capacitors too. The real kicker is all this hassle is nessary just to fix a flat, its almost as if they never expect anyone to have to change the wheel.
  2. Looks like I lucked out, the dealer is getting a new part from Gotway free of charge and not charging me. I guess its because it does not look like the board has any physical burns.
  3. I have talked to the TSA and an airline I normally use and flying with and ECU and it is not a problem.... were it not for the size of the batteries. Because lithumion batteries have a bad reputation, the airline does not like to see any over 100 watt hours. But there is no limit on how many batteries you can take with you. You just cant bring one giant one. So I guess my question is does anyone know an ECU where the batteries are serialized but can be taken out like a bunch of AA batteries? Before someone suggest to ship the unit, I fly internationally and its too slow and expe
  4. I think you are correct. I did smell something but never figured out what got burnt. It really sucks that there is no color labels for the motor wires. Also no one tells you how dangerous it can be to to dis change the capacitor accidentally. I did it intentionally to make sure the board had no power and it was a powerful zap. singed the wires to the capacitor a bit. But anyone could accidentally do this plugging the wires in. Where did you get your PCB from? I doubt my supplier will cover it.
  5. Disconnected the power to the board first then I reseated the connections and made sure everything was in there firmly. Started the wheel backup, same issue. I looked on the other side of the wheel, and everything looks normal. No extra wires unplugged. https://imgur.com/a/9BAD1Si At this point I can thinking about calling warrantee on this wheel. I am not seeing any other options.
  6. I dont know how to identify those cables. Can you tell me where I can find this information? My vehicle did not come with a manual. I appreciate your time sir.
  7. update: I contacted Begode, here is what they said So I turned it on again and this time the beeping was like 2 beeps 2, 2, 1, then silence. I did this with the motor stood up right but the auto balance did not activate. Its acting as if its still on its side.
  8. Corrected the wires to Yellow Blue Green, but now its beeping something else.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/lEl6xkn Not sure why but I can see it
  10. Actually started a new thread since its a bit off topic. Yes cable connections IS what I need help with. I took a picture. See if it looks right to you.
  11. Changed the wheel on the mcm5. Watched a video how to do it but I guess its an older version. I dont have the same board. Like a dumb I didn't take a picture of how the board looked before I yanked the wires out. Most of the wires are color coded but the ones I circled are not colored at the terminations. I turned it on and things did not end well. If someone has a recent board picture of how the wires should be set up I would apricate it. I dont want screw things up more than I already have.
  12. By the way guys, I recently had to fix a flat in my wheel. It has been a journey to get it all done, but now my wheel does not seem to know what to do when it starts up. I press the power while on its back then stand it up right and I hear a stuttering sound in the motor like its try to adjust something and then it turns off. Starting to wonder If I plugged something in wrong. Anyone else encounter this or know of a startup procedure when a battery is reconnected?
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuzxQKTIXiw Watched a video of a breakdown. This seems a bit over my head. I can unscrew and disconnect cables but the guy is discharging capacitors and making cuts into the adhesive around the wiring. Is there a place and have this done professionally? Maybe Gotway customer support? I dont think I have the tools or the skills to get to the tire ring.
  14. Pretty sure its the tube. I just looked over the wheel and I dont see any imperfections. What do you mean by slime it?
  15. Was out for a ride today. Tire went flat suddenly. Tried to inflate the tire, air goes right out. Not even sure how to replace the tire or diagnose the problem fully. Any helpful hints would be appreciated.
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