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  1. Yeah I tried sitting but I always end up my heals. I cant over state how steep these roads can be. One day ill make a video and post it.
  2. Ok so I did the hill number 2, second from the left, with the tilt adjustment and it was WAY better going down. I think the biggest issue I had going down before was naturally its easier for humans to lean forward then backwards due to how our feet are. So you end up trying to balance the wheel while mostly on your heals. I am going to try the same technique tomorrow on hill 3 up and down and we will see how things work out.
  3. I use a tube, the TPS actually fits on as a cap to the tube. It small enough to not scrape the inside of the MCM5 hull. So you fit is on as a cap and then link your phone via the app to the sensor. You can set an audible warning when the pressure is low. Its a little on the expensive side but less expensive then crashing from a fast deflate while in motion then a emergency room visit.
  4. I was thinking about that the other day too. I think the MCM5 feels kind of wobbly and unstable because your legs dont really press against. Power pads might help. I get some next month.
  5. I live on overheat-hill's extended family. The variety ranges from easy to deadly. These hilly roads can be a quarter mile up or down but going up and down (mostly down) seem to very hard. I thought about this a lot and I think the reason why its so hard to control speed balance and doge traffic and pot holes is because I am ether on my toes when going up or on the balls of feet(heal) when going down. So here is what I thought of. I have a gotway MCM5 what I am doing is recalibrating the wheel to lean about 5-10% forwards or backwards before encountering massive hills. It seems to defiant
  6. This https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Q21RNNB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The ones I use actually give you a readout on the app and you can set alarms. More expansive tho, and kind of big. You can still them on your wheel but you better make sure its flush against the rim The main issue I had was the wheel lost pressure rapidly(full to nothing in 30 mins of riding) and I did not realize what was happening until it was too late and I had to step off and let the wheel crash. Now with the TPS my phone will make a audible warning before it get to
  7. I invested in some tire pressure sensors because I had a point where it went flat while in motion. I had to step off and let it crash. So now I am constantly checking the pressure and the temperature every stop
  8. Now that My TPS are in I can say that my pump seems to be about 5psi off. Now I will get a warning if the pressure starts going down. Detect slow leaks etc.
  9. It probably is made for kids but I also had the same issues with the original gotway tire. I only switched because I was fed-up with burning through inner tubes and wanted eliminate the tire as the potential problem. No idea how hold the MCM5 but I think it might be 1st generation because I have seen two newer versions of the board I use to have. I have not enjoyed mounting these wheels. I have had to take them to car/motorcycle shops and paid them to mount it with special tools. And evetime I have to pull the wheel out the overall quality of the wheel goes down. Screws dont hold as
  10. No its not a feeling, the MCM5 is not made to be taken apart many times but I've had to do it many times due to Tire issues
  11. Just me eyeing the inches, pretty close, but probably could use another 5 PSI. Thanks for the tip
  12. My pressure pump says this is 45 PSI but I kind of doubt it. This is me standing on the wheel and for the record I am 175 lb. It feels solid with my hands but when I look at it on my phone I am a bit worried.
  13. The V1 version does not but the new board I got is for V2, so it has the connection but no speakers
  14. I keep my tire inflated at 40psi, and I feel it with my hand. I dont think that was the case. I dont go over many bumps, the biggest issues on the imperfect roads I ride on is warped cement. You ride on what you think is a flat surface until one side of the road has slumped over time and you have to rebalance and find the flat part. The last flat I got, it deflated before I was even able to ride it.
  15. It be honest I do feel like getting the new Tesla v3 or Gotway RS 19 when it comes out. The MCM5 is good for starting and going on flat coherent surfaces but not the imperfect roads here.
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